Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Southern Snow and Stomach Flu

It has been awhile since I posted and I apologize for that. Life has become so crazy. Not that that's any different than normal for me. After the tour bus crash, I came home to rest, plus 10 stitches in my head... thank heavens it was on the hairline and easily covered by my hair. A scar would look terrible.

Anyhow, a little over a week ago I got very ill. Some stomach bug I think. Jessica (remember her?) has been staying here, and taking care of me since the accident. Once a girl has held your hair while you puke, there's not much left to hide. She really has been wonderful.

On the home front, we've been having some crazy weather down here in the south. I am accustomed to snow and ice, since I am a CT Yankee replanted into the south. But the folks down here are not so keen on it. I have not lived in the north in almost 10 years. I must say I don't miss the cold and I certainly don't miss the snow.

There were many accidents in Georgia and some around here as well. Did you see on the news how many got trapped and had to abandon their cars?

I admit it was pretty outside my windows, and since I am stuck in the house anyway (not that I have been a good boy and followed all of the doctor's rules), I enjoyed watching it as I ran a fire in the fireplace and cuddled with Jess on the sofa in the main den.

It's cold and raining here right now.  It is ok by me, Jessica is already asleep in bed and I will head there soon.

Y'all be safe now!!