Monday, September 29, 2014

Ahhh the Netherlands...

We're in the Netherlands, which is cool. I really like it here. I heard about a small club playing local bands and so decided to go check it out on my night off.  Stephan and I headed on over there. Of course I wore my dark contacts and a hat with my hair up in it. Often, I then get mistaken for Ian Somerhalder, an actor! "No, dude. Rock and Roll, man. Not vampires!"  hah!

Anyway, death metal, black metal and the like are common over in Europe and the Netherlands has no small population of small bands. Stephan and I felt rather old among so many kids, but I believe in supporting them. After all, we were all young once, all just starting out. But I do it without revealing my identity. Though many knew we were in town, no one seemed to recognize us. We remained upstairs in this seedy little dark nightclub, watching over the rail. Just two amongst the crowd.

Some of the bands committed, to me, the ultimate crime--stage "costumes" of jeans, t-shirts and street shoes!  Anyone who knows me is well aware of my aversion to going onstage looking as if you stepped off the street!  C'mon... imagination people! Stand out!

But there were a few kids who made an impression... some with their stage presence and costumes, others with their music. Put the two together and these kids might go somewhere. I saw some potential there. Some, I saw fear but knew when that faded, potential might rear itself.

I shot a few photos...

This kid has the look! A bit too "Gene Simmons" for my taste, but he at least had a bit of musicianship, if he can get past his obvious stage fright. And a 5-string bass... but could he play it? According to Stephan, he had improvements to make but wasn't bad.

These kids, I think, had the best potential at least as far as stage presence. They knew how to work an audience, which can get you farther than you might think. The only thing they need is practice. The drummer had talent.. definite potential there. Unfortunately, with all the screaming, death metal is not really my thing. I want to hear definitive music and lyrics--a melody! Again, these kids seemed to steal their look from KISS (They really need to retire already!) otherwise, they had the most potential.

All in all it was an interesting evening, and since this small night club was not far from our hotel, it was easy to hop on over and then  back again without anyone realizing we were with "thjat band" that was playing down the road!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Feeling Empty Without Her

It's 06:45 here in foggy England. I can no longer get back to sleep! I sit here on the floor with this tiny computer on my lap, drinking warm wine from last night and feeling empty inside.

I had slept fairly peacefully, until I was woken by that mother of all urges we all get in the middle of the night.... need to hit the loo.

When I came back out, however, the street lights that shone in my hotel room window revealed movement in the mirror over the dresser, and when I dared to peek, I saw her... Quickly, I snatched a robe off the chair and covered myself. Since when have I ever been shy in front of the ladies? But this one is different. I mean, where does she come from? Why is she there? What does she want? Is she really there at all, or in my mind?

As usual, I couldn't draw my stare away! She was standing in sunlight, which seemed to shine through the mirror and strike me. I could see the reddish glow along my body and even along the top of the dresser, mating with the lights from the window. Very strange. She reached her hand forward and touched the glass.... yet she was not in the room with me... as if looking at me from the other side of a window! I took a step forward and saw a tear in her eye, and why this moved me so much I still can't explain.

She was there perhaps a minute and then her image flickered and faded away. I realized I had been holding my breath! As I released it out, I felt dizzy so I slumped onto the floor, the robe in my lap. After a few moments, I grabbed this little computer and started to write this entry. Just had to get this out! My brain is boggled. I just want to sleep and feel normal again.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

England and Bonnie Scotland

We've arrived in England. I do not know why, but something about this country always makes me feel odd. I cannot describe it. Have you ever had a dream that felt so real you could have sworn it happened even after you woke? It's something like that, except this is no dream!

Anyway, I rarely get time, but when I do, I like to visit at least one local sight, so I took a trip to Stonehenge. I think at least 5 women followed me out and I went home with one! She was finer than frog hair--Mmm!

Why must fans always snap photos? Not the best picture, as most aren't--she took me by complete surprise as I came out of the loo!

In any event, we are in the UK for a few days, then off to Spain. I prefer to stay in the hotel in that country. The women are gorgeous, of course, but many of their recreational activities involve animal abuse, which I am wholly against. Bull fighting, running of the bulls... what do these people have against bulls already?

In October, we will be returning home to the good ol' US of A. Then, we have a small US tour in November and December. After that, a break! It will be nice to relax, ride my horses, and basically hang about my estate.

Love all my fans... Come see us live!

Belgian Beauties

We're in Belgium now, half way through our European tour. I absolutely love Belgian women. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. Yum. Nothing like waking up to one of those.

On the other hand.... I have a bottle of wine. No, seriously.... My hotel room has these big mirrors, and everyone knows I try to avoid them as much as possible... in case I see "her."  No, not HER in the photo above (she was fun to SEE)... her!  The Mirror Lady.  Yes, I am insane... so arrest me for it already, but stop talking about it. The media has so much fun with it, so I play around with them. 

(media) "It is rumored that you're schizophrenic."
"Yes, I see a woman... No, I am not schizo."
"Does she follow you around?"
"I'm a rock star... women follow me everywhere.."
Silence. And then... 
"But those women are real. Do you see fake women?"
"Every time I go into a clothing store. They model clothing."
Flushed. "No, I meant women who are not really there."
"In a clothing store? I think Tinkerbell goes to the doll section to get her knickers."
Sighing, "Mr. Bainbridge, why do you hate mirrors?"
"Because they reflect images."
(by this time the reporter is so off his or her roster, they just ask whatever comes to mind). " you see the image of women in mirrors?"
"If there are women at parties, and there are mirrors, and I look, I see them."
"But... don't you see women in mirrors that are not there?"
"It's very difficult to see anyone in a mirror if the mirror is not there."
(by this time they've discovered their mistake)
"Err..Um... I meant do you see women that are not really there reflected in mirrors?"
"Not women, no."
"Just myself."
"One woman?"
"I love all women! As long as they're gorgeous and will sleep with me..!"

Usually, around this point, they start talking music and about the band..! hahaha

Don't you hate when you sleep with some gorgeous fashion model and she snaps a photo as you wake up?

Next up on the tour... Austria! Who will be my conquest there?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bonjour Mes Amis

Hello friends. We are here in "Gay Parie" to play the Stade de France. I feel as if my hand might fall off, as I must have signed 1,000 photos of myself at a press conference and meet yesterday!

I practically live in hotel rooms and I can't stand them. Too many mirrors and they're always too big. Like, what's with the steroidal bathroom mirrors in hotels? Pretty hard to cover up and impossible to avoid, even when taking a piss! I am always so afraid my "Mirror Lady" will visit me when I have my penis in my hand. LOL Fortunately, that has not yet happened.

Visited Le Catacombes today. Rarely do I get to do "touristy" stuff when on the road, but since we have a few days here, and jet lag still has me in its grasp (it's 7:17am and I have yet to go to sleep... still on South Carolina time, where it's 1:17am), I decided to be a tourist. Of course, this happens to be their busy season and hundreds of people all waiting to go on down, with a 4 hour wait time did not cut it for me. This is where being famous and rich has its advantages. I was able to buy some time alone in the "tunnels" with the dead! They tried to make me wait until Monday when they are closed to the general public, but we will be in Germany by then!

So, being down in the catacombes gave me time to think. Like for instance, why am I not more upset about my break up with Jess? I miss her, yes. I miss the time we shared together. I miss riding the horses together and watching movies, things like that...ordinary things ordinary people do. My estate is so vast to be alone all the time. Unlike Bruce, who has a wife and a baby on the way. Yet, though I miss her, I do not grieve that she has gone. What does that say? I loved her, but was never IN love with her. Instead I am...what? In love with a delusion in some mirror? Perhaps that explains the note she left me.  Well, it's almost 8:00 in the morning and we have a busy evening, so I suppose I should at least try to get a bit of sleep.  au revoir for now.