Thursday, June 5, 2014

Touring Break and Review. Klaus Meine? Not bad!

It's been a hard few months. I've not had a chance to write in this blog for awhile. We've been on tour, as you know, making sure we hit all the cities to see all you terrific peeps. I hope everyone was able to come see us while we toured. As usual, the fans were terrific (and the girls better  haha). Seriously, Jessica was with us most of the tour until she had to fly to Europe for a modeling gig.

I've had no shortage of articles published on me and the band through the years, but I rarely see them. That's what Bruce does. He saves every article, every picture, and creates an album or plasters his office walls. One I did read, in a town we stayed over for a couple nights (Jesus, where was that? Sometimes the towns become a blur... especially when one goes through them wasted)... Anyway, I was in the bus and a local paper was on the table. All I know is I recognized my mug in a black and white picture so I picked it up with my free hand (I had a glass of wine in the other... I'm getting better... using glasses now)... It was just an article on us, that we were in town for a couple days, information on the tour and the band and some sort of critique or review. Every now and then I do read something or hear about something that was written and usually I'm the "drunk one" or the "womanizer" or some such statement (I drink so I don't have to care about being a womanizer  hahaha).... This one, I remember, compared my voice to Klaus Meine, lead vocalist for the Scorpions... a really great band, a bit before my time, but excellent music. I had only heard a few of their songs in the years and we've yet to run into them on tour (I think they are still around), but I never thought to compare my vocals to anyone else... I sound like... well, me.
Klaus Meine, Scorpions (1980's)
Doesn't look anything like me! Not even in high humidity on my worst hair day... But, I do have to say he is one talented singer and musician. I decided, after listening to recordings of him, that I can hear why they compared my vocals to his... rather alto in nature, great for the high stuff and ballads. We only have a few metal ballads, but hey....

In other news, I am thinking of writing a song about boobs.... thoughts?

(please don't let Jessica see this... I shall have to tell her the song is about HER boobs!)