Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Partied Out and Sick

There is not much worse as a singer than getting sick, especially when it has to do with your throat... and when you have a tour coming up!

Stephan held another one of his parties last night. I didn't stay as late as I normally would have, though I took the limo so I wouldn't have to drive out to the coast in case I decided to over do it. As it happens, I could feel a cough coming on, so I left about 1am and came home for tea, Advil, a hot bath and sleep.

I wasn't feeling too badly today. I worked at home on a new song most of the day, did some reading, watched a movie, took the dog for a walk. There's been quite a bit of rain coming through as of late, so the horses have been staying out of sight and mud is always an issue, but dryer weather is coming.

Once I am gone out on tour, Edna's family moves in here and they love the horses. My stable help knows all the ins and outs of my horse's care, dietary needs, etc. The kids can ride the older horse with adult help, but no one is allowed on Camelot. my imported black Andalusian. He's just too hot and I don't want anyone getting hurt.

Tonight, I feel like total crap! Apparently this cold or whatever illness is creeping in has decided it likes me.  We still have 2 weeks before the tour starts, however, so I am sure I will be fine by then. But for now I definitely noticed some issues during my warm-ups ... my mey-me-ma-mo-moo ... as we call them in singing, were a bit off today!  More tea!! With honey!

Tomorrow I rest my voice with lots of Vit C and more tea. I hate drinking so much warm tea, it makes me have to piss all the time. But, at least I had no alcohol tonight! Just a few at Stephan's party last night....

Don't you hate cell phone photos when you're trying to get some rest because you don't feel so hot!

Quite suspicious, Adrian looking particularly girlish handing out flavored vodka from a fancy carafe 

Stephan was wasted!

Bedtime people. Gotta get my beauty rest so my voice can heal!