Monday, January 27, 2014

Tour Bus Crash

I think this was the scariest thing to happen to me during my entire life on the road. We're touring through Kansas somewhere. Who knows where, as all the roads start to look the same when you're in a tour bus continuously with no breaks between gigs.

It was snowing. I was asleep in my bunk. What all the others were doing, I don't know. Apparently, from what I found out later, a white-out came through in the form of a big snow squall. Cars and truck started skidding all over the place. I don't recall much except being thrown from my bunk and hitting my head on a cabinet. And then chaos!

I think I was in and out of consciousness because I have vague memories--flashes of people running around, someone in my face saying my name and asking how many fingers they were holding up. I remember seeing flashing emergency lights. I awoke in an ambulance. My head felt like someone had put it into a vice. I was released the next day and found out everyone made it out alive. Adrian was in the back of the bus watching TV, so he was ok except for a couple bruises when he fell off the sofa. Stephan sprained a wrist and Bruce received some sort of whiplash. It wasn't a big accident, but we are on leave from pre-tour until we have all recovered.

I came home today, only to find out that S. Carolina is supposed to get hit with snow!! I won't be out in it. I have a concussion and have been relegated to bed for a week. I am not sure about the rest of the pre-tour. The dates and venues are booked far in advance to coincide with the next "real" tour. I think we might cancel the rest of this pre-tour and get everything ready to out on the road for the real thing in March.

Jessica came to see me when I came home. Apparently, she sees our relationship as more than just a dating and physical thing... I guess we're in a relationship now. We will keep my escapades on the road secret.

I have to admit it was nice to see her pretty face. She made brownies and she and Edna have been spoiling me, which I cannot complain about.

I have stitches in my head... fortunately along the hair line so no scar will show and didn't effect my hair. If they had had to cut my hair or shave my head I would have gone into hiding until it grew back! I have an image to uphold, ya know.

So, while Jessica spoils me and I get rest and recover, I will keep everyone informed on what's going down with the tour schedule and the like.

Thanks to all the great fans who came to see us play during the shortened pre-tour. Sorry to those who we cancelled on... the bus has to be repaired, as do we.