Monday, June 1, 2015

I am alive. I think!

Hello fans. I have been gone a very long time, I know. I have not been out of the hospital for a long time now, and the scars of what I endured are both obvious, physically and mentally. It is hard for me to write on this blog, but I needed you all to know I am alive, I am home, in recovery. Although I must be honest and tell you I am not sure I will recover completely. I may be alive, but will never be the same.

The papers and media have already had a field day relaying their speculations on my ordeal. How much of what they said is true? We shall see. I am not yet ready to relay any details beyond what I have at present.

I am absolutely exhausted. I either sleep too much, in which the bad dreams come and wake me, preventing any real restful sleep, or I do not sleep at all.

I have to tell my female fans, out of respect, to please not come by my manor. I will not allow you inside. I really do need time alone. To myself.

I see the band has kept up on my blog and all they knew. There is a reason so many clues were missing in my disappearance. Those who took me left little behind. But, a clue I offer here; my heart was left behind. It no longer belongs to me and has perished along with the place in which I was held.

With this, I head off to bed. Oh, what I would not give for a dreamless night. But this is an impossibility!