Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Time flies!

How long has it been since I have written in this blog? I know I started to write a few posts but never published them.

Apparently, my story was far too intriguing to pass up, and so it was made into a "novel."  Funny as it really happened, but yet it is so unbelievable, it was written and is marketed as FICTION. I do not care, really. I prefer people think my ordeal was just the musings and imagination of a crazy rock star... After all, I've seen this amazing woman in mirrors since I could SEE a mirror, so how much crazier can they say I am???

I am not allowed to give away TOO much about the book, which was written by award winning author, Christine Church. The events are all true, but written as fiction. Marketed as fiction.

Because of all this legality, I have to be careful what I put in this blog.

All I can say is, read the book! Yes, it happened! There are many dimensions in the fabric of time and space. Wow, I can't even comprehend it all. I saw it, I experienced it... for 12 lifetimes, and yet sometimes I still cannot comprehend it.

Many will not believe, and that is ok. I actually prefer that, and asked this "memoir" of mine to be put out as FICTION. No one needs to know what is really out there!

I have a headache and we have a tour scheduled, so I need my "beauty" sleep.... so, good night loyal fans. I will talk to you soon!