Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weather and Band Stuff

Why do women have such an aversion to men farting in bed at night? Really, ladies, is it that bad? I mean really, you live with us, you see us at our best and worst, so why does a little fart freak you out so much? And... as if YOU don't do it? Hah!

On less icky but not more pleasant news, is the weather report here in Aiken, SC. We're not really any different than the rest of the eastern part of the country, though. I expect this weather in the south, hot and humid (actually, it's not that hot at the moment, but the air is tropical), but I talked to my mom in CT and she says it's just as bad up there. Doesn't look that bad on this screen shot I grabbed from my computer, but it's been back and forth rain, storms, sun, heat. My horses don't know whether they want to be in the cooler barn (I have fans running in there) or outside grazing. They're just kind of in and out. I've been watching them from the house all day. I worked on a new song a bit this morning, but mostly it's hiatus time so I get to hang about, watch The Walking Dead reruns on TV, listen to Jessica bitch about the heat, even though she's with me in a climate controlled mansion (she claims she wants to go out and do something but the heat bothers her).. neither of us are native south, but I've lived down here longer so I guess I got used to it.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Hurricane Arthur and Touring

 I am the only member of the band who lives inland, as I prefer country to the bustle of the shoreline. I am also the only one who didn't feel too much of the brunt of this new hurricane, Arthur. We did get some pretty nasty rain and wind and thunder and lightning. But nothing like what they experienced on the coast. Because of that, we decided to cancel the recording and rehearsal sessions we had planned earlier to get ready to go back out on tour.

Yesterday was a bit crazy. A lady fan found my home... this happens once in awhile. The gate was open and so she made her way in. I wasn't doing anything special, actually I had just gotten up and was in my bathrobe, so I invited her in. I'm not used to this girlfriend stuff.... Jessica came home and accused me later of cheating... this time I really wasn't! What is it with women anyway?

Speaking of which, I think I need to take my girlfriend's cell phone away.....

Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's Frakkin' HOT! Hurricane Arthur?

I admit I am somewhat of a geek, in the sense that I like biology, not so much techno stuff. But I do watch this funky little show called the Big Bang Theory even when I am on the road. It's kind of a goof, even though, with a high IQ myself I have my own opinions of this theory (I don't believe it). Why do I mention this? Because I wrote "frakkin'" in my title for this blog and I got that from the show. LOL Next time I am in CA, I should visit the show set and see if they need a rock star for one of their shows... maybe a geeky one? What say you?

With that in mind.... Jess did it again... took a picture of me sleeping. Gawd!!

I'm enjoying this Moscato I have at my side right now. I tend to drink entire bottles at once. Why waste glasses? Edna has enough to clean up! She would laugh if she knew I was actually thinking about her work load, as I pay her one hell of a damn good wage. She takes care of my cats and dog too! Not my horses though. I have experienced Mexican stable hands for that! I am picky about their care. I am no idiot when it comes to horse care... So they do as I say! My older horse horse has health issues, and even when I am on the road, I call in and be sure to all is well and everyone is following my instructions.

So, South Carolina is frakkin' hot right now! The Dew Point is really high, which makes for very sticky air. So, speaking of the horses, I've been keeping them in during the hot days with fans on them, and out on pasture at night. Am I a good horse dad or what?

So, I have been watching the track of this hurricane... looks like it will miss SC completely. That's good. No need for anything to delay this tour!!