Monday, December 1, 2014

How would you like to wake up to this...

Not my photo. I woke up to similar. I think I was set up!
I woke about 2 in the afternoon in one of Stephan's spare bedrooms with 2 girls in my bed. I said I was done with sex for the night, but Stephan had all these crazy cocktail concoctions and a game that is something like spin the bottle, but it didn't include the bottle and there wasn't any spinning other than my head! And then of course there was plenty of drugs to go around, though I swear I do nothing heavier than a joint or two.

The whole place was loaded with every kind of drink and smoke and snort any human can do, though I rarely understand most of it. Sex is enough of a high. And I'm a high class wine kinda guy. Maybe a bit of weed. I have never done coke (not the soft drink) or anything heavier. Nothing that can create hallucinations... Hell, any guy who sees what I have seen all my life can't afford to have hallucinations.

I also woke to a raging headache. Since I had driven myself rather than taking the limo, I drove home with my darkest shades, popping Advil straight out of the bottle. I was so exhausted by the time I arrived home, I think I only gave a mere grunt in Edna's direction before heading upstairs and passing out on my bed.

I woke again at 7pm feeling better. So, I showered, ordered Chinese food in-house, and parked my sorry ass in front of the 60" TV in the den with a fire going. It's a fairly chilly 40 some-odd degrees. Of course, back home in CT, this is nice weather. But I have been in SC so long it's downright colder than a witch's tit!

At 1:30am now I am feeling ok. I accented my food with 2 bottles of wine. Reisling and Moscato. A little sweetness with Chinese food is great. Absolutely perfect choice!

I am alone now, other than my pets. Edna went home. All the other help is gone. Horses are snug in their stalls.  My dog is at my feet... cats all sleeping anywhere in the house there's a nice soft spot. It's a relaxed and cozy night. Going to allow myself to fall asleep in front of the TV.

Night all!!!