Sunday, December 28, 2014

Message from the Band: Adrian

Hello. My name is Adrian Ionescu. I am the drummer from Dark Myst, which I am sure you are all aware. We have decided to use Dane's blog to send messages to his fans, as well as ours. I do not keep a blog, as Bruce does not either. Stephan keeps one, which carries his own updates, but he will also post here as we receive news or not of Dane's whereabouts.

At this moment, we still do not know where our friend and lead singer has gone off to. Did he leave on his own? This we doubt, as he has taken nothing with him. And why would the mansion be locked up as it is?

While on here, I have taken the liberty of reading through Dane's blog posts. I noticed a few about myself. I know I am an enigma to the band, and to anyone not close to my personal life, but this is the way I prefer to keep it. I travel the world in a famous rock band, my music is my love and my job. But, my personal life is mine. When I pose for photo shoots (which I often do, as I do not mind my form being captured for everyone to see, I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of), then that is my "public" appearance.  The paparazzi have found me privately on occasion and snapped photos, the problem with this being no one knows the true story. But that is okay. It is not the business of those I wish not to be involved. And this includes my business partners, my bandmates. We know enough about one another on the road without needing to know everything, as Dane and Stephan in particular find being public about every detail of their lives necessary.

On that note, I do not mind Dane's speculations about my private life. If... no, when he returns safe and reads this, he can know that I will still keep my private life such and he make all the speculations he wishes. Although a few of the pranks they have pulled were over the top. I am a good enough sport to be okay with it all.

To Dane, wherever you are, friend. Please come back safe. As we say in Romania,
Fii sigur , prietenul meu


Friday, December 26, 2014

Post from Bruce Tomkin. MISSING!

I am sure by now most have heard the news that Dane has gone missing and no one knows where he is. It was in the Aiken news, as well as all over the world, I am sure. I have not been watching, as all of us are very concerned.

I did not even know he was keeping up with this blog until I came here to his home yesterday and saw it open on his laptop. I looked through it to see if there is any clue as to Dane's whereabouts, but it says nothing and gives no hints. I decided since his fans read this, I would put up this post on Dane's blog in order to reach out to all. If anyone has any clues, please let us know!

All I can tell you is that when his maid, Edna came to work yesterday morning, Dane was not here. She said his cars were in the garage, nothing was touched. The house doors were locked from the inside and no windows were broken. Police said they saw no signs of a struggle of any kind.

I can't really tell you any more than his blog already has. He stated he was going for a ride on one of his horses, despite the rain. But both horses were stabled. The stable hand who cares for the animals stated to police that she saw signs Camelot had been ridden by some "unbrushed sweat marks on his back." but, she said, all the tack was hung up and in its usual place, so that rules out the chance he had fallen and was lying in a ditch somewhere. In any event, there is a massive search on in Aiken and especially around the area of Hitchcock Woods near his house. They are fingerprinting everything, and I had to get special permission just to post on his computer.

They have scoured the house thoroughly. The police said it looks like he had showered and shaved, and they found a recently used towel in his bedroom. Otherwise, he's just--gone!

I have to tell you we are all very worried. We had rescheduled our tour for January, after Dane's collapse onstage this month. And I have to be honest, I wonder if there's any connection to the woman I saw in that mirror onstage before Dane collapsed and his going missing, though I cannot imagine how that would be. Having spoken to Dane about it, this is not a new occurrence for him.

For now, we cannot even speculate on what might have happened to him. We are just hoping he shows up (alive, please), and this is some strange misunderstanding.

--Bruce Tomkin, Aiken, SC

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Talk About a Total Shock!

I fell asleep sometime during the day, on the sofa in the den. I only woke up when I heard the gate buzzer going off constantly. Turns out it was Bruce, and his very pregnant wife Caitlin! I let them in of course. I was done with fans for the day at least.

Immediately, as usual, Bruce and I began a squabble. He's such an ass. He picked on the lady fan I told him about... how I didn't quite "get there."

I admit I snapped rather prematurely. I brought up the whole tour bus incident. The reason we had a new bus only for the 4 of us, no fans allowed. Though I must admit I cannot complain... it is a sweet ride!

In any event, as it turns out--crazy as it is--Bruce also saw my "Mirror Lady" on stage! Wow! I did NOT expect that! That shoots to hell all of the theories that I am crazy and/or schizophrenic. If Bruce saw her too.....

I am totally blown away!  What does this mean? My whole life I have seen her... she has been "mine," and now he sees her as well??? Hmm.... if she was MY illusion, he would not have seen her. If she was some past life regression, as Edna likes to call it, only I would see her... So how did Bruce also see her? I have such a headache thinking about this!

But... he did not FEEL what I did when seeing her! She makes me pass out. She makes me FEEL things I never have before. Bruce said he saw her, but felt nothing. WTF is going on here????

Right now I am sitting in the kitchen, trying to eat. But my stomach is not working. There's a break in the rain, so I think I'll take Camelot for a ride into Hitchcock Woods. I need time to think and riding always allows my mind to clear.

Tomorrow is my thirtieth birthday. Thirty! Ugh, I feel old.

Talk About a Buzzkill!

What a day! I was up super early because I had one HELL of a nightmare last night. I don't even want to talk about it!

The entire day I felt like a zombie... or a Walker, if you watch the Walking Dead. Have you ever had a really terrible dream that refused to let go of you all the next day? The rain did not help! Around noon sometime Wolfe barked and my cat jumped off my lap. To be honest, I didn't even know he was ON my lap! I was that out of it! Maybe I am still exhausted, as the doctor had said?

I went over to the monitor to see who dared disturb my misery. Some chick was outside my gate. She was quite attractive... black hair, busty, long legs. Yep! So, I opened the gate!  It was time to get my ass out of the slump. A good roll in the sack is always a pick-me-up.

Her name was Dalia... a Georgia peach! Lovely. She'd brought with her a gift for me, a get well card with a poem inside she had written. It was all about this love she felt for me. Yeah yeah... they all do. I got her a glass of wine. Just the thing to warm her up on this chilly and wet winter day.

As it turned out, she didn't need much warming up. She wasted NO time in finding her way into my jeans. Oh yeah! There's was only one major problem! She wanted to be in my bedroom... on my bureau... the one with the huge antique mirror! WTF.

My favorite opera was playing... (Yes, I like certain operas)... Carl Orff's Carmina Burana. I somehow feel I can relate to this opera.  The words, man... it's CRAZY! If you know archaic Latin you will get it!

O Fortuna, velut luna, statu variabilis, semper crescis, aut decrescis, vita detestabilis, nunc obdurate, et tunc curat, ludo mentis aciem, egestatem, potestatem, dissolvit ut glaciem, Sors immanis.”
O Fortune, Like the moon, You are changeable, Ever waxing, Ever waning, Hateful life, First oppresses, And then it soothes, As fancy takes it. Poverty. And power, It melts them like ice.”

And not just the first act, either. Listen to that entire opera. It's powerful!

That ended and the Scorpion's "Rock You Like a Hurricane" pounded through the mansion. Have you ever banged during that song? I have written several songs with the same power-beat, but that song is the king of all sex music!

I had Dalia's ass on the dresser, I was so close...her warmth was right there!!!  Then You-Know-Who had to arrive just in time! Yep The Mirror Lady killed my boner! Talk about a buzzkill. Hadn't she tortured me enough by showing up onstage and killing our tour???  WHY CAN'T SHE JUST FUCKING GO AWAY???!!! Ok, big breath.

Dalia wasn't exactly happy. That was it. The end of any amourous encounter today. Sucks! I had to escort her out without explanation. This is frustrating. These illusions are destroying my sex life! Maybe I need to get on some sort of medication or something!!

After that, several drinks were in perfect order! Vodka... Rum... Wine.... anything I could find. I'm still messed up, but at least the alcohol kills the reality of what has happened--of my LIFE!

Merry fucking Christmas, Dane!!

For our fans, always a few tour pics, though the tour was cut short, I try not to disappoint.

Bruce looks like hell. He's all worried about his wife!

Adrian relaxing on the bus.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Hospital and Home and Confusion! Is This really the Life of a Rock Star?

Not sure if this had made news or not, I have not seen the news in several days. I am extremely disappointed, as well as confused and a fragment of my former self. Huh? Yeah, I know. I am most definitely going crazy, which is good for the image of a rock star! Anyway, the most vital part of our stage set did NOT arrive in time Saturday to make the stage. I am not sure whose idea it was, but mirrors were put in place around the stage... massive mirrors. I don't even know where they came from!! Who thought of this?? I guess they felt they needed to fill the gaps where our missing stage dragons would have been! The problem is, they did not know ME!!

So, throughout the concert our laser show bounced off these mirrors, giving all of us headaches! And mid-concert, I saw HER!!!! I can't be sure what happened after that except I landed in the hospital. I really despise hospitals!! I got out as quickly as they allowed. Oh, and remind me to KILL Stephan. He left me with no street clothes, so I had to walk through the hospital in my STAGE COSTUME of all things!

So glad to be home!

If you haven't seen our show, here is a digital rendering a fan made awhile back depicting our stage set, though not an exact replica, it is close.

We have a castle... (ok, not stone and mortar real, but built as a stage set, not digital). Laser lights, pyrotechnics, and so much more. The dragons are the greatest! Set on each side of the stage, staring at each other, laser lights shoot from their eyes and fire breathes from their mouths at certain times. It's all choreographed in perfect timing. One must be careful, however. I was burned once from the fire when I was not in the right place at the right time!!

For parts of the set, I am on a platform behind one dragon that makes it appear as if I am inside its mouth, or on top of it! I use swords as part of my routine.  We have THE most elaborate stage set and routine of ANY rock band that has ever existed... even beating out KISS. Our regular stage show blows their show off the map!!!  We are truly, the "bad boys" of symphonic rock/metal.

And we hope to one day make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Anyway, I certainly didn't expect to be home so soon!!  What a disappointment that our manager cancelled the entire tour! C'mon, this is just a bump in the road, but he says "You have not been yourself lately, Dane. Get some rest."  Now, what does THAT mean???

I showered and changed and Edna had dinner for me. OMG she had this entire spread! Nothing is a small affair with Edna. My dining room looked like we were having Christmas company. Edna's family stays at the mansion when I am on tour, however, they had gone home when she heard I was coming home early from "exhaustion." Since I was supposed to be on tour no family outings were planned.  It was just me, Edna and the animals.

Anyway, I invited Edna to join me since she cooked such a terrific meal. The real reason I wanted her there was because I needed to vent. I told her everything!  Of course, she had all these crazy ideas on why I see this image, this illusion if you will, in my mirrors. Home mirrors, fine... But mirrors onstage??? This is too fucked up to understand!

She brought up some past life regression theory. Oh really? Why in hell would I relive a past where I see this ginger-haired woman as a reflection in mirrors my entire life???  Does that sound sane to you?

So, I sent her home early, Not because of her theories, mind you, but because I just needed time to myself.

My 30th birthday is SOON... too soon. On the 24th. Thirty. Why does that seem so old to me?

Wait.... Martha said her brother's birthday was the same day. He looked like me. But he lived in the 1920's. Can't be connected. Weird.

I'm going to bed now..... what is next???

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Getting a bit nervous

We're in Minneapolis. Everyone's here, we've done some checks on things, however, there's a bit of a problem. One of the equipment trucks, which carries the main part of our stage set up, got stuck behind from a snow squall... Hoping it gets here on time, it's vital to our stage act. Not sure what the venue and crew will do if it doesn't arrive. Don't worry, though. It'll be an awesome show no matter what! See y'all at the Target Center tonight.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Ready for the Tour, New Tour Bus

We leave this week for the last tour of this year! I finally got a chance to see our new tour bus! It's pretty sweet. And also the first one we have had with our band name on it. This one will just be for the four of us. If you read this blog regularly, you know why.

Inside is even nicer than the shiny black exterior. Gorgeous granite counter tops, large living areas with TVs, DVDs, stereos, the works, as well as a cozy lounge in the back with a huge TV. Only four bunks so each one is huge. Our last bus had 6 bunks, 3 stacked up on each side and they were a bit claustrophobic. But with two on each side they are more like regular beds, with all the video and music, lights, ambiance lighting, etc. There's even a large kitchen area for plenty of munchies. Nothing was missed. Bruce and I are best friends that don't always see eye to eye and have our share of tussles. But this bus makes up for a lot. Too bad this is a short tour. It will be an extremely enjoyable one though.

Sweet ride

Even a TV in a small area near the kitchen
I DID ask Bruce to keep the leather furniture to a minimum, as I despise leather... my ass always sticks to it and it's always cold! So, thought some areas have leather (particular eating areas), most have suede or nice soft materials, I am not sure what.... I know leather and suede but I'm not Martha Stewart here, so I don't know the name of everything. My apologies. I suck at describing things.

Here at home, I am getting everything ready to go. My throat is much better, though I do still have a bit of a cough. I will have the bus stocked with plenty of throat lozenges as well as adding extra tea, honey and throat drops on the riders.

See you on tour!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Being Sick, Being Bummed.

I am still sick. Since it's moved into my throat, I can't sing. There's nothing more disconcerting to a singer than opening their mouth only to have a squeak come out. More rest. About the only thing I did today, besides work on my music (on the piano, no singing), was to spend some time with my horses. I also went out for a bit to the store to get some wine, vodka and tequila, though I have not touched a drop in 2 days. I have spent far too much time in the bathroom due to all the tea I've been consuming. And honey. I think I can keep the honey market in business. I tried it heated, which is very soothing.

To add insult to injury, I opened a magazine and saw a photo of my ex, Jessica.  I felt a sudden sadness and emptiness. When she lived here, the house seemed full and my bed never empty. I did not even realize I missed her. But it's times like this when the house is so empty and I am alone (other than a bunch of cats). God, how pathetic is that? Coming up on my 30th birthday and I am already an old crazy cat lady!! That was another thing Jessica and I did together. As both animal people, we helped shelters, did charities and rescued cats.

She took her two cats when she left but I still have my six. And my dog. He's always at my side and I adore my pets, but Jessica was a much better conversationalist.

I guess I was so angry at her for leaving, I let myself forget. I can't say I am in love with her. I don't think I've ever been in love. I don't know! But if I have to describe love, then what I felt for Jessica came close.

Well, my throat had better heal within the next few days. We have much rehearsing to do and I need to be able to sing!

I may not want to admit it, but I do miss Jessica.

I wish I could see her again. If only to understand where we went wrong. Okay, I get it, I slept with other women, but in my defense, Jessica was just a girl I was sleeping with who moved into my house. I had no intentions beyond a roommate with amazing benefits. Maybe I made a mistake.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Partied Out and Sick

There is not much worse as a singer than getting sick, especially when it has to do with your throat... and when you have a tour coming up!

Stephan held another one of his parties last night. I didn't stay as late as I normally would have, though I took the limo so I wouldn't have to drive out to the coast in case I decided to over do it. As it happens, I could feel a cough coming on, so I left about 1am and came home for tea, Advil, a hot bath and sleep.

I wasn't feeling too badly today. I worked at home on a new song most of the day, did some reading, watched a movie, took the dog for a walk. There's been quite a bit of rain coming through as of late, so the horses have been staying out of sight and mud is always an issue, but dryer weather is coming.

Once I am gone out on tour, Edna's family moves in here and they love the horses. My stable help knows all the ins and outs of my horse's care, dietary needs, etc. The kids can ride the older horse with adult help, but no one is allowed on Camelot. my imported black Andalusian. He's just too hot and I don't want anyone getting hurt.

Tonight, I feel like total crap! Apparently this cold or whatever illness is creeping in has decided it likes me.  We still have 2 weeks before the tour starts, however, so I am sure I will be fine by then. But for now I definitely noticed some issues during my warm-ups ... my mey-me-ma-mo-moo ... as we call them in singing, were a bit off today!  More tea!! With honey!

Tomorrow I rest my voice with lots of Vit C and more tea. I hate drinking so much warm tea, it makes me have to piss all the time. But, at least I had no alcohol tonight! Just a few at Stephan's party last night....

Don't you hate cell phone photos when you're trying to get some rest because you don't feel so hot!

Quite suspicious, Adrian looking particularly girlish handing out flavored vodka from a fancy carafe 

Stephan was wasted!

Bedtime people. Gotta get my beauty rest so my voice can heal!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

I am Not a Chick Drink Drunk!

Today was one of those days we call a "band business" day. That's a day when all we do is... well, band business. We're getting our shit together for the tour.

Sitting in the studio, waiting, I had my bottle of red wine and a glass. Hey, what the fuck's wrong with pouring into a glass? Is it more "manly" to drink from a bottle?  I used to drink rum and flavored vodka.... But when I couldn't get my pert ass out of bed to get to rehearsals and sound checks, I switched to wines. I have a wicked sweet tooth anyway and I have enough sweet wines to hold me day by day.

Adrian was drinking some concoction of Bailey's and Schnapps.

So, Bruce tells me I'm a "chick drink drunk" because I drink wine. Shit... I prefer to see it as a higher class of the male species! Of course he said nothing to Adrian... the guy's prettier than many of my fucks anyway!!  So I guess it's ok he drinks girl drinks.

One of these days I am going to lay Bruce flat if he keeps it up. I knew he was only teasing to release tension. His wife is dangerously close to her due date (which is around New Years) and we're leaving again. I felt we should postpone this tour until after the baby is born, but hey, what do I know? The new album is selling well, and he wants to get out there to make sure we stay chart toppers. He and the managers are boss!

Adrian caught in the limo. Hmm what's he thinking?

Two weeks left until the tour. The buses are getting all their safety and maintenance checks, as are the trucks that haul our stage sets and equipment.

Completely off topic, but I have develop some weird rash on my hand. Just my left hand so get your minds out of the gutter! It's mostly on my fingers, but itches so badly, I have managed to scratch the skin off without thought to what I was doing.

Of course, Edna, my ever loyal housemaid and caretaker, put some sort of voodoo on it... I don't know... she is originally from Louisiana and she called it a "home remedy," but seems like a voodoo potion to me. As long as it doesn't turn me into a frog, I'm ok. HAHA!   That's funny. Of course I do not believe in voodoo or curses, or any of that!

Although, I was cursed by a hearse once. No shit! I parked beside a big hearse once, thought nothing of it, even took a photo. For the whole next day everything went wrong!!! I called it the Curse of the Hearse.

Cursed Hearse
Ok, early morning. More "band business" tomorrow.

Night all, my fans! Sleep well and have lots of sex!

Monday, December 1, 2014

How would you like to wake up to this...

Not my photo. I woke up to similar. I think I was set up!
I woke about 2 in the afternoon in one of Stephan's spare bedrooms with 2 girls in my bed. I said I was done with sex for the night, but Stephan had all these crazy cocktail concoctions and a game that is something like spin the bottle, but it didn't include the bottle and there wasn't any spinning other than my head! And then of course there was plenty of drugs to go around, though I swear I do nothing heavier than a joint or two.

The whole place was loaded with every kind of drink and smoke and snort any human can do, though I rarely understand most of it. Sex is enough of a high. And I'm a high class wine kinda guy. Maybe a bit of weed. I have never done coke (not the soft drink) or anything heavier. Nothing that can create hallucinations... Hell, any guy who sees what I have seen all my life can't afford to have hallucinations.

I also woke to a raging headache. Since I had driven myself rather than taking the limo, I drove home with my darkest shades, popping Advil straight out of the bottle. I was so exhausted by the time I arrived home, I think I only gave a mere grunt in Edna's direction before heading upstairs and passing out on my bed.

I woke again at 7pm feeling better. So, I showered, ordered Chinese food in-house, and parked my sorry ass in front of the 60" TV in the den with a fire going. It's a fairly chilly 40 some-odd degrees. Of course, back home in CT, this is nice weather. But I have been in SC so long it's downright colder than a witch's tit!

At 1:30am now I am feeling ok. I accented my food with 2 bottles of wine. Reisling and Moscato. A little sweetness with Chinese food is great. Absolutely perfect choice!

I am alone now, other than my pets. Edna went home. All the other help is gone. Horses are snug in their stalls.  My dog is at my feet... cats all sleeping anywhere in the house there's a nice soft spot. It's a relaxed and cozy night. Going to allow myself to fall asleep in front of the TV.

Night all!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Party Time!

At the moment I am at a party. I'm a bit lit up like a Christmas tree, so don't mind my grammar. We are at Stephan's home. He wanted to have a Thanksgiving party for the band, crew, fans and all. He let me use his computer... in his office, away from the crowd. I will tell you why.

There are a lot of fans here..., women fans. Stephan is great for pulling them in. I have been harassed all night. Not that I mind a good lay or two with a very willing fan... but there must have been ten women hounding me as if I am the Dali Lama all night. I guess I felt a bit "overwhelmed" and I have already done 3 women tonight since I arrived. I'm out of condoms and I am tired. I want to relax with the band, friends... I cannot believe I am saying this... no sex, just drink and converse! I took a few photos for those fans that couldn't be here tonight.

Bruce hangs with party goers.

Adrian knows how to party with fans
Not sure where this one came from... I am in the back!
Stephan's party... think he could look a bit happier?

This is the party before the tour. In this way, fans who can make it get as chance to meet us, they get autographs, they get to talk to us and more... It's difficult on the road, especially with a packed tour. Often fans get insulted if we rush away, don't sign autographs, don't meet them. But you have to understand... we do 1 or 2 shows a NIGHT. As the lead singer, this can take a toll on my voice. I try not to talk too much on these short tours. I drinks lots of tea with honey. I keep my vocal cords limber with exercises. I need a lot of rest!  I hate when I have to walk by fans and only sign a few programs, shirts, etc. and leave more behind.

Please understand we are exhausted. Just like you, we are only human.  We work hard for you, to give you the best show, the best experience possible. So, Stephan hosted the party this year, for the fans. Often, we have it in a hall. This year at his home... a very unique deal.

As I said before, this will be a short tour. We will have no time for Meet & Greets this tour. Some will get the usual backstage passes and we will of course meet those fans. There's always something of a get together after each show. Then it's on to the next venue.

So.... as I am a bit drunk, on Stephan's computer, and ready to fall asleep, I am going to head away. I will stay overnight here tonight, so no worries about driving home the 2.5 hours back to Aiken. The tour starts in a week or so....

See you all on the road!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great and safe holiday everyone!  From your "Bad Boys" of Symphonic Metal... Dark Myst!

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Not a Normal Life

It's not like my life has ever been normal. But today pushed the boundaries of that normalcy beyond even my limits. Since the Jag is still laid up, I took the Ferrari out to that new music and book store I told you about previously. Of course, since today was the release of our latest CD, which stupid me forgot because Bruce the slave driver has me working furiously on this new song, I walked into this store unprepared. A storm was brewing. Then I walked in and found my own face right smack in front of me on one of those cardboard displays, but what was worse... the huge TV displaying one of our music videos in concert. Ugh. I generally would disguise myself with brown contacts and my hair up in a baseball cap. All I wanted was a book for Christ's sake. A little time to be a human.

I ran to the back of the store to the History Department. Anyone who knows me knows how I love to read history books.  I didn't even think, I just grabbed some leather bound book off the shelf to hide my face. I still felt like I was being watched!

Long story short, this old lady accused me of being dead!! How the hell can I be dead when I am right here?? I guess I resembled some guy she knew back long before I was born! WTF!

After leaving the store, in my car, I thought I saw "her" in the rear view mirror, but when I looked, I saw only myself. Phew.

To make a strange day even stranger, I bought that book and went home to finish working. After being reprimanded for my tardiness on getting this song done, Bruce left.  Christ, the tour isn't for another month! And it's a short tour.  But Bruce is so on edge because his wife is so close to her due date. He nearly snapped my head off, though, when I mentioned postponing the tour. He wouldn't have it.

I finally was able to relax in my library with my dog and read.  What the hell happened after that, I can't explain very well. Words can't compare. I read a passage about some knight way back in the 17th century in England.  I got dizzy, and the strangest feelings came over me. I swear I had only one glass of wine. Nothing else!

There's something in my life that is complicated and cannot be explained through rational means. I just do not yet know what it is. The rest is such a blur. Now you know why I feel that I am crazy and keep much of this stuff hidden. I've been lucky the media doesn't find this blog or they'd have a field day. Not that rock stars aren't well known for being nuts, but this is a whole different type of crazy.

Some weird revelation came to me tonight about that knight I read about in the book. But, it must be just my imagination playing tricks, right? I was in my room when it came to me. After, I went down to the kitchen for a glass of wine! Now, it's after 2 am and I need sleep!

Welcome to the bazaar life of Dane!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

New Book Store, Life on the Road and Sex

Sex always gets people reading. I can't blame them. It's the greatest thing on earth. But y'a ll already know who I am and that, besides music, my next biggest hobby is sex.

And I love to read. Especially history books. Well, tomorrow is the grand opening of a new music and bookstore here in S.C. (despite the bad weather of late. T-Storms today, lots of flash flood warnings). It also happens to be the release date of Dark Myst's new CD. I plan to visit the store for some new books. With a few tour dates coming up,  I will need some reading material. The others get on my ass about the amount of books I bring on the bus, but I have not embraced those 21st century e-readers yet.

This will be a complete bus tour.  It is short--a continuation of the summer's tour--only a month and a half.  I am not crazy about spending over a month on the road, new city EVERY night, not having a decent bath at a hotel. But, we won't have time for hotels in this particular tour. It's the bus all the way. Since Bruce made sure we have a brand new bus for just the four of us, I am hoping he also ordered a decent shower. I prefer baths, but one cannot be picky on the road.

Buses can have luxuries. Showers are rarely good. 
I miss home, I miss my animals, but look forward to traveling. Sometimes I get more rest on the road than I do at home. When home it's all work, recording, getting everything ready, marketing, etc. On the road, it's mostly sitting around while driving from state to state, watching movies, reading, talking, planning and playing games. You'd be surprised how much silence there can be with just the four of us on one bus. We are often engrossed in our own interests, warming up, going over songs, writing songs, texting (the others more than me), watching movies and reading (that would be me).

I spend a lot of time in my bunk, getting rest. I like to relax in there in private, curtain closed, and read or watch a movie. Or take a nap. I like to be very prepared and awake, but the drone of the road makes me tired.

Since Bruce banned fans on our bus while moving, I have to get in what I can when I can in my bunk. Not always a comfortable situation. But sex anywhere is better than none. I do prefer hotels.

Our new bus has many comforts and luxuries we didn't have before, so I am rather excited to travel in it. I have not even seen it yet. I guess there's a nice lounge in the back with a big HDTV and all the stations we could want. Good. I like to watch fantasy movies and certain TV shows. I am not a big fan of "reality TV" except this show called "My Cat From Hell" with this interesting character, who claims to be a musician by night and a cat behaviorist by day!

Well, off to bed. I have a song to finish that Bruce wants to put on the set list for the tour. I have a few changes I have to remember to the rider as well (for those who are confused, the rider is a list of those things we band members want on the road... food and such).

Check us out on tour!!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Monday is the Day

Adrian came back from...well, wherever it is he goes. We asked him about the photo, which I mentioned in my last post. He said the guy in the photo was "just a friend" he went to visit, whom he had not seen in a long time!

I don't know... doesn't look like a casual encounter to me.  He said they traveled around Romania and Europe just to experience the sights. I know it is hard to be a tourist when one is on the road working all the time. We go into a town and barely have time to breathe and sleep before showtime, then it is off to the next city. Adrian stated, in his "Dracula" type accent, that he likes to "get away from it and just be a person."

He did do a bit of a photo shoot over there, here is one photo he allowed us:

Looks a bit sketchy to me. I told him it looks as if he's heading into a hot tub with his male friend. Hah!  Who am I to talk? My ass has been published everywhere. It should bring us publicity, at least in Romania where the shoot was, and as a musician, one can never have too much publicity. You're only as good as your last album. In this day and age, if you even slow down on marketing, branding and promoting, you're gone. It's constant work. Your label does some work, but you have to be behind it pushing at all times.

I have heard, esp from Bruce, what it was like 20 year ago or so.... You  put out an album, toured to promote it and voila! You were a star!  Ok, maybe not that easy. But simpler than today!

Today, all these "indie" musicians are home making CD's and putting them online to buy. I have no problem with that, it's that anyone, no matter how much they stink, can record a CD. If they tour around enough to advertise, they eventually make a name for themselves and then they eventually become famous, even to a small extent.  Rarely are bands "discovered" into instant success. I say that only because we were sort of "discovered" seven years ago. We worked our asses off for it though. We all have fantastic musical backgrounds and we all have tremendous talent. Plus, we put on an amazing show. It's not just about the music, it's about the show! I have a really hard time with these bands that look like they stepped in off the street and just stand there onstage and play. Their music can be good, but with nothing to watch, I get bored. They need more than music. They need a gimick, a show!!

I  think I might start a grant fund for up and coming good musicians to be "discovered" and skip all the red tape.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Media Knows More Than Us

You would be surprised at the things that photojournalists capture, particular if you are someone famous. The band has had this week off, getting some good rest in before we go back out on the road in December. As usual Adrian's whereabouts remain a mystery. Everything about our drummer is an enigma, as all of you know.

Time and again, my sexcapades have been published for all to see (even some rather risque photos). Bruce's marriage and accusations of infidelity (all false) fill the tabloids. Stephan also has had more than his share of rumors spread about him. The strawberry blond Southern Boy living life as a sex God rock star! But then we have Adrian. Romian import. Shy. Stays behind his drums and rarely ever lets anyone in, not the media, not even us! His bandmates. He spends more time with us than anyone else. We are on the road together almost all year. He watches movies with us, talks and plays card games, even drinks and smokes weed with us. But never has he revealed anything about his private life. When the drumsticks leave his hands and the tour bus is put away, he is gone. We don't see him unless it's band business. Every now and then he will show up at a party or event, always alone.

Female fans hit on him all the time, but he merely excuses himself and heads off to his dressing room or the bus or hotel room. We have never once seen him take a woman, or even a man, to his room. Never seen him show interest in any gender. He is an enigma and he knows we all want to know. We've always wanted to know what is going on inside that all too feminine looking head of his. He's a great musician, and he says that should be enough. He tells us it is no one's business but his! We often ponder on why he became a professional musician, for his lifestyle is so contradictory to the norm. But he makes it work--somehow!  Until now...

It's not much to go on, but a recent photo surfaced on the internet depicting our very own Adrian with his arm around... someone. This photo was taken recently and he is away again on one of his mystery excursions so we cannot contact him. Is this person with him a man or woman? It appears that Adrian sees the camera... is that a sly grin or a sudden realization?  How funny is it that I (and the others) are pondering this photo as if we were outsiders with no connection to this guy whatsoever. When he gets back from wherever it is, we will ask him about this photo.

Is Adrian mocking our lack of knowledge of his personal life?
In the meantime, we have many guesses. All of us think this is a guy because Adrian is 5'11" and how many chicks are taller than that? A Model? So... if this is a dude he has his arm around, does that mean Adrian is gay? Or is this a relative and caught in a "brotherly" moment?

I cannot believe I am doing this... writing a blog anyone can see, speculating about my own bandmate and friend. He always says his private life is his own business, and I suppose it is. But to share nothing with us? In ten years?  Granted, he is the "baby" of the band. He started with us at age 17... or should I say we started with him, as he and Stephan knew one another before Bruce and I met up with them. And even Stephan, who has known him longest, hasn't a clue to his personal life. He has known Adrian a year before the rest of us and he said he never thought to ask.

What do you think?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Accident, Mirror Lady and Band News

So much going on right now, I don't know where to start. You will have to excuse me, it's been a rough week and I have drunk more than my normal dose of wine tonight. It is amazing I can type. Anyway... someone plowed into the rear of my Jaguar today!  There was a bit of fog. I was stopped waiting for the truck in front of me to turn when I heard the crunch and felt the jolt. No one was injured. My car took a bit of damage in the right rear bumper, but the other guy's insurance will cover it.

In other news, I was reminded today why I stay away from mirrors. She came to visit again today... it was as if she knew I had been in an accident, and even though I wasn't hurt at all, the stress of going through all this insurance bullshit is a pain. Now I must rely on the new Ferrari and that car is not always practical to drive wherever I wish to go.

The band is recording again, but I cannot tell you what we are recording, as all of it will be on the next CD. This will be the 2015 tour. Like I mentioned before, we have a few more U.S. dates in December then we take the holidays off. Adrian always returns to Romania for the holidays, Bruce spends it with Caitlyn, Stephan has his mom, dad and siblings. Me... I usually go back to Connecticut and spend time with my mom and dad. And that is what I will do this year. I leave the 21st and return back here the 30th.

I have a few concerts I want to see while I am in New England. Small time stuff, indie musicians and bands. Amazing how much talent is yet to be discovered. If no one was ever "discovered" who would make it?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

You Think it's Glamourous

It's funny. People always think that the life of a rock star is this truly glamorous life hanging out with chicks all around you, sex, drugs and rock and roll, as they say. Lounging about while you get paid a ton of money to get onstage for a couple hours and party with thousands of fans.

Though much of it is true, in a sense, there's a falseness that lies deep within. It CAN be glamorous, and there are lots of girls and fans, etc. Onstage is great! But then there's reality. The hours are grueling. You're either stuck in a bus with your bandmates for hours and hours on end, talking about the day's events, the next gig,  "what's the next city?"  "Should we change the line up?" "What time is sound check?" "Did the equipment get there on time?" and so on and so forth. Or you're living out of a hotel just to get a decent shower (tour bus shower are the pits).

Then there's the traveling. We travel 7-8 months out of every year. Not home, missing family and friends, if we even have friends outside our posse of band members, roadies, managers and assistants. Bruce... he has a family. He has his wife and a kid on the way. He is 40 and a first time dad. His wife, Caitlyn (who is only 28), joins him on the road all the time, usually preferring to travel with the bus of orchestra members since many are women. She traveled in our band bus a few times, but the rest of us got on her nerves, so she chose to stick with her own kind.  Now, being 8 months along, she chooses to stay home with a house full of nannies and nurses and maids and all kinds of other help. Bruce loves his wife and takes every precaution.


Adrian, what can I say about Adrian? What an enigma. Band member, one of my best friends, I think. It's crazy that I have known him for 10 years and yet I still don't know him. I've mentioned too many times that none of know what his deal is... is he gay or straight or bi or some other thing? But there's more to a person than their sexual orientation, right? Adrian is an amazing drummer! He grew up in Romania, so he has that sorta "Dracula" accent. It's light, though as he moved to this country at 14 with his parents. He lives on the coast. I am not exactly sure of his address. Believe it or not, he has never had any of us to his house. He's very quiet, even around us. He talks about music a lot, but rarely about himself or his life. I think there's some trauma there he doesn't want to bring up.


Stephan on the other hand, is an open book. He and I have the most in common. We both love the challenge of chasing girls, who generally chase us, and we always make the catch. We have an open bet going on who beds the most groupies on each tour. I have won so far. Ha Ha. My eyes captivate them, I am sure of it. I've had women tell me my eyes are captivating. There you go! Stephan also lives on the S.C. coast. Matter of fact, I am the only one who resides inland. I love Aiken. It's horse country and I can't recall a time when I did not love horses, or feel they needed to be in my life. That sounds so little girlish, but I have this odd feeling horses have always been a part of who I am.

As for me........ well, I love touring for the women and the music. I also love being home. I have no "human" kids (yet)... I am hopeful one day I will find a lady I will truly love and be able to have a family with....  in the meantime, my pets are my kids. That won't change, honest, but a human child would be an interesting distraction. Just don't tell Bruce. He is convinced I am hopeless and will remain single and alone. For now... I have my cats and my horses.

Good night fans.... 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Might as Well be Home

Hello all. I cannot believed the weather here in South Carolina lately. I might as well be home in Connecticut--I think it's actually warmer there. We've been having exceptionally cold weather down here. I want to go back to Greece!

No, actually, I am quite happy to be home. Touring is an evil necessity of being a rock star. Ok, it's not hugely evil. I meet many gorgeous ladies and seeing new towns is... well, ok, so I never really get to SEE the towns as we are always either working or sleeping! Once in a great while I get to play tourist.

So, a few photos of the band from a photo shoot in Europe.




So, now that we are home for a short time (we will be doing the last leg of our USA tour in December), I have time to sit back and NOT relax. Writing new songs for future gigs and albums. More work in the studio. Yada Yada. Nothing you will be interested in.

Anyway... my 30th birthday is next month... so strange. 30 years. Wow. I feel old.  Then again, Bruce, who will be 40 next year, thinks I am a baby.

OK, I am going to go pass out now. More maybe tomorrow! What do I have planned?  Not sure really.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Relaxation... Or Not! Fifty Shades of What???

Hey, it's me... your favorite sex addict schizophrenic rock star, Dane Bainbridge... at least I hope I am your favorite. I've been writing this blog thing for a few months now and I am not really sure if anyone's reading it, which is okay because I have turned this into my personal diary and reveal things I don't think I would want the media to find out. They have enough of a field day with my "schizophrenia" as they call it.

Here is today's topic.... sex. Oh, what a surprise. Yes, I am drinking. Of course I am. I am not on tour right now, so what else is there to do (and even when I am on tour, what else is there to do? Don't answer that!)

Actually, when I came home from tour I met this girl named Katrina at the store (Yeah, I did her... hard. LOL)... anyway, we were lying in bed and she kept talking about this novel called "Fifty Shades of Grey." She wanted to do some pretty kinky stuff based on this book.  I am not really the kinky type, except for a few safe "excursions" here and there.  I had never heard of this book so I didn't know what it all meant. After she left, I decided to go and buy this book. I have read, I think, the first 2 chapters and I am bored already!!  I will give it a bit more time to get better. How exciting!  This Christian Gray fella sounds like a real control freak loser if you ask me. What girl with any self worth would put herself in such a position to be dominated in such a way?  Hey, I may be addicted to sex of all types, but it has to be completely mutual. And no tie downs unless the girl asks for it specifically. I'm a horse guy... tie downs are for horses, and not in a sexual way.

I don't know... I am a sex addict, but the romantic type. Katrina wanted to try some things she read in that infernal novel. I let her have her way a bit here and there, but I drew the line at gagging and whipping... with real whips.

What do my fans think of all this? Have they read this book? Do they think it is over the top or do they like it? Let me know.

By the way, if you're really hot... I like in Aiken, SC, toward the south-west edge of Hitchcock Wood. :-)    Just look for the Gothic Revival mansion with a spider web wrought iron gate, long drive, and a stable out back.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Uh... New Tour Bus?

I was informed today that Bruce is selling our existing tour bus (he makes these decisions and never consults with the rest of us) and ordering a new, state of the art, personalized rig.I am starting to worry about his use of our money! Except he's always been really good about making sure we have enough of everything. He works exclusively with our managers and accountants. Me, I have no money sense. I get paid, I am happy. My "paycheck" covers my expansive estate, my cars, my animals, keeps food on my table and pays for my help. What more can a man ask for? OK, sex. But I get plenty of that... yeah, can always have more!

Well, apparently, according to Bruce, this new bus will be much more comfortable for the 4 of us. It has 3 sliders, so when parked it's like this mini house! Something like 900 square feet or some such. Doesn't sound all that big to me, but bigger than the one we have used for the last 5 years. This new bus has better sleeping quarters too. Only 4 bunks instead of 6. So more space per bunk. Cool. He said we will each have a nice TV screen with DVD and satellite in each bunk, plus hook ups for anything we need to plug in (computers and such... get your mind out of the gutter). Good... plenty of room for TWO, if you get my meaning.  Okay, all you gorgeous brunettes.... come see me in my bunk. You can line up one by one or two by two... I can take it! Hah!

Bruce told me he ALMOST had a private bedroom built at the rear of the bus for himself and his wife!  That would leave the rest of us with bunks, not bedrooms. He said since we are all single and he is not, and he is older than we are, it made sense. (Bruce logic) He also knew we'd be pissed off if he did this. If we have to sleep in bunks, he does! At least they're bigger, though... and he said the mattresses are made to fit our sleep requirements (I need a super soft mattress where Stephan  prefers a bit firmer). It's almost like "Sleep Number" for bunks. hahahaha

Anyway, he placed a nice lounge in the back with a huge TV and very comfy seating. He knows I love movies and hate leather, so the sofas are of a fine suede rather than cold leather, and the TV is huge with every station known to man!! I should kiss Bruce! Tours will be much more fun.

Of course, for him, he added a separate area for composing and working and even recording. He is such a workaholic, I don't know how Caitlyn deals with him! Well, she is expecting their first child, so I guess she has no choice.

Ok... more photos for the fans..... (though I still don't know who Adrian's fans are... he's so "mysterious."  Any fans out there know what his deal is? Please tell the rest of us. Inquiring minds want to know).
Stephan enjoys playing it up for European Photo shoots....

As does Adrian... Showing off his androgyny.

Bruce, Candid

Enjoy your weekend, fans and folks......

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Home for Now

We arrived home to a deluge of rain and storms. Fortunately, my property didn't receive any damage, other than a small tree down by the barn. I guess farther west they weren't so lucky. I saw on the news about tornadoes killing people and damaging storms. I admit that's always been a fear of mine since moving south--they do tend to have much more severe weather down here than I ever remember from growing up in New England.

Anyway, it is nice to be home where I have only 2 mirrors in the whole house, very little worries, where Edna makes all my favorite foods, and I can go for midnight rides on my horse or cuddle in front of the television with one of my cats and my dog.

I am heading to my jacuzzi now for a nice long bath and spa, hoping that will kill this jet lag and allow me to get some shut eye.

A few tour shots.... Enjoy!

Me (night in Spain)

Stephan reheasing
Adrian... just being himself
Bruce caught unawares

Have a great night. Stay safe!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exotic Greece

Finishing up the European "shirtless" tour. Only three more gigs, Greece, Portugal and Spain. Actually, we are in Greece Oia Santorini, a luxury cave pool at the Superior Suites. You have to come here and see this. Photos do not do it justice. Just a tiny vaca here... before we head to the Athens for our gig then we are off to Spain.

Greece is one of my all time favorite locations, so I always try to let our booking manager know to allow an extra day or two when we tour here so I may have my relaxation time in one of the gorgeous hotels on the islands. I rent a yacht and sip champagne while getting my tan and enjoying the beautiful weather, perusing these magnificent islands.

Ok, this post is sounding like an ad for a travel brochure. But I really cannot say enough about Greece. Though I do wish I had someone special to share it with... oh sure, there's plenty of women, but to have someone... one special someone...! Oh who am I kidding? I am not exactly known nor loved for my witty banter or fun personality. I drink a lot, I swear and I sleep with every woman who will have me ( provided she's hot). Not exactly relationship material, which is why Jess left I am sure.

So, before we get back to sound checks, tune ups, vocal exercises (for me), rehearsals of songs we've played a million times and hear in our sleep, figuring out set lists and dealing with the media, I am going to enjoy this time out! Thus far, no one has recognized me. I've been taking my daily swim...we all have... a great time to just rest before chaos once again reigns!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Gullibility of Humans!

So, while touring this area, including Romania, we visited a small village in Serbia that is proported haunted by a famous vampire. According to the tales,

villagers in the tiny western Serbian hamlet of Zarozje, nestled between lush green mountain slopes and spooky thick forests. They say rumors that a legendary vampire ghost has awakened are spreading fear — and a potential tourist opportunity — through the remote village
"The story of Sava Savanovic is a legend, but strange things did occur in these parts back in the old days," said 55-year-old housewife Milka Prokic, holding a string of garlic in one hand and a large wooden stake in another, as an appropriately moody mist rose above the surrounding hills. "We have inherited this legend from our ancestors, and we keep it alive for the younger generations."
Vampire legends have played a prominent part in the Balkans for centuries — most prominently Dracula from Romania's Transylvania region. In the 18th century, the legends sometimes triggered mass hysteria and even public executions of those accused of being vampires.
Sava Savanovic, described by the Zarozje villagers as Serbia's first vampire, reputedly drank the blood of those who came to the small shack in the dense oak tree forest to mill their grain on the clear mountain Rogatica river.
The wooden mill collapsed a few months ago — allegedly angering the vampire, who is now looking for a new place to hang his cape.
Some locals claim they can hear steps cracking dry forest leaves and strange sounds coming from the rocky mountain peaks where the vampire was purportedly killed with a sharp stake that pierced his heart — but managed to survive in spirit as a butterfly. 

Darko Vojinovic/AP

The legend of Sava Savanovic has been passed down over many generations in Zarozje, Serbia.

Personally, I am amazed at how gullible people can be (no offense).... believing in things that just are not there! Like religion and God and Angels and ghosts and all that stuff people need so badly to believe in that their mind actually sees and believes!!! I guess if that's what they need to believe to get through their day.... There have been times I wish I could believe in God again... I was raised Roman Catholic, and brainwashed into believing in what I now see as a cult. But, I got out. I thought for myself. I looked at the cold, hard facts of life. And I realized it's just us and nothing more!

Sorry if this goes against your beliefs. Not my intention to insult anyone. If it gets you through your day, then fine.  And for sure vampires do NOT exist!! I mean, really... Bram Stoker, Anne Rice, etc.  The famous authors made up these creatures based on myths. Just fiction!

I must say I am fascinated by all sorts of culture, history and beliefs. Even if it makes no sense!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Romania--Home for Adrian

We are in Romania now. I tease Adrian all the time, since this is his home. Perhaps I will get to the bottom of his "deal."   As anyone who has followed the band knows, we have always wondered about Adrian.  He is so androgynous in appearance and mysterious about his personal life.  We've played the usual pranks on him... anything to get him to reveal what the hell he is. I mean, yeah he's male, but what's his deal? We think he's like into everything... men, women, B&D, S&M and all the other letters associated with anything kinky.

We're not sure if Adrian is straight, gay, bi or anything in between or around!

The problem is that Adrian has never showed even the slightest hint, even in 10 years, as to what he is... No girlfriends that we know of, no boyfriends. No... nothing. Is there a way to find out what's behind this mysterious drummer?

Stephan and I have been having quite a bit of fun out here in what we call "Dracula land" ... of course Adrian doesn't like that. He is Romanian after all, born here, left for the USA at age 14. It's funny... his accent gets stronger every time we get here. I hear him speaking his native language to locals (of course I can't understand one word) and though when he is on tour or in the United States, his accent is barely noticeable, but here he sounds like a vampire of olde, "Good Evening..." (think Dracula). I think he lets his guard down when he is home.

Stephan warming up before a gig.
"Bună ziua" That is Welcome in Romanian. That's about all I know, other than how to ask for wine.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ahhh the Netherlands...

We're in the Netherlands, which is cool. I really like it here. I heard about a small club playing local bands and so decided to go check it out on my night off.  Stephan and I headed on over there. Of course I wore my dark contacts and a hat with my hair up in it. Often, I then get mistaken for Ian Somerhalder, an actor! "No, dude. Rock and Roll, man. Not vampires!"  hah!

Anyway, death metal, black metal and the like are common over in Europe and the Netherlands has no small population of small bands. Stephan and I felt rather old among so many kids, but I believe in supporting them. After all, we were all young once, all just starting out. But I do it without revealing my identity. Though many knew we were in town, no one seemed to recognize us. We remained upstairs in this seedy little dark nightclub, watching over the rail. Just two amongst the crowd.

Some of the bands committed, to me, the ultimate crime--stage "costumes" of jeans, t-shirts and street shoes!  Anyone who knows me is well aware of my aversion to going onstage looking as if you stepped off the street!  C'mon... imagination people! Stand out!

But there were a few kids who made an impression... some with their stage presence and costumes, others with their music. Put the two together and these kids might go somewhere. I saw some potential there. Some, I saw fear but knew when that faded, potential might rear itself.

I shot a few photos...

This kid has the look! A bit too "Gene Simmons" for my taste, but he at least had a bit of musicianship, if he can get past his obvious stage fright. And a 5-string bass... but could he play it? According to Stephan, he had improvements to make but wasn't bad.

These kids, I think, had the best potential at least as far as stage presence. They knew how to work an audience, which can get you farther than you might think. The only thing they need is practice. The drummer had talent.. definite potential there. Unfortunately, with all the screaming, death metal is not really my thing. I want to hear definitive music and lyrics--a melody! Again, these kids seemed to steal their look from KISS (They really need to retire already!) otherwise, they had the most potential.

All in all it was an interesting evening, and since this small night club was not far from our hotel, it was easy to hop on over and then  back again without anyone realizing we were with "thjat band" that was playing down the road!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Feeling Empty Without Her

It's 06:45 here in foggy England. I can no longer get back to sleep! I sit here on the floor with this tiny computer on my lap, drinking warm wine from last night and feeling empty inside.

I had slept fairly peacefully, until I was woken by that mother of all urges we all get in the middle of the night.... need to hit the loo.

When I came back out, however, the street lights that shone in my hotel room window revealed movement in the mirror over the dresser, and when I dared to peek, I saw her... Quickly, I snatched a robe off the chair and covered myself. Since when have I ever been shy in front of the ladies? But this one is different. I mean, where does she come from? Why is she there? What does she want? Is she really there at all, or in my mind?

As usual, I couldn't draw my stare away! She was standing in sunlight, which seemed to shine through the mirror and strike me. I could see the reddish glow along my body and even along the top of the dresser, mating with the lights from the window. Very strange. She reached her hand forward and touched the glass.... yet she was not in the room with me... as if looking at me from the other side of a window! I took a step forward and saw a tear in her eye, and why this moved me so much I still can't explain.

She was there perhaps a minute and then her image flickered and faded away. I realized I had been holding my breath! As I released it out, I felt dizzy so I slumped onto the floor, the robe in my lap. After a few moments, I grabbed this little computer and started to write this entry. Just had to get this out! My brain is boggled. I just want to sleep and feel normal again.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

England and Bonnie Scotland

We've arrived in England. I do not know why, but something about this country always makes me feel odd. I cannot describe it. Have you ever had a dream that felt so real you could have sworn it happened even after you woke? It's something like that, except this is no dream!

Anyway, I rarely get time, but when I do, I like to visit at least one local sight, so I took a trip to Stonehenge. I think at least 5 women followed me out and I went home with one! She was finer than frog hair--Mmm!

Why must fans always snap photos? Not the best picture, as most aren't--she took me by complete surprise as I came out of the loo!

In any event, we are in the UK for a few days, then off to Spain. I prefer to stay in the hotel in that country. The women are gorgeous, of course, but many of their recreational activities involve animal abuse, which I am wholly against. Bull fighting, running of the bulls... what do these people have against bulls already?

In October, we will be returning home to the good ol' US of A. Then, we have a small US tour in November and December. After that, a break! It will be nice to relax, ride my horses, and basically hang about my estate.

Love all my fans... Come see us live!

Belgian Beauties

We're in Belgium now, half way through our European tour. I absolutely love Belgian women. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. Yum. Nothing like waking up to one of those.

On the other hand.... I have a bottle of wine. No, seriously.... My hotel room has these big mirrors, and everyone knows I try to avoid them as much as possible... in case I see "her."  No, not HER in the photo above (she was fun to SEE)... her!  The Mirror Lady.  Yes, I am insane... so arrest me for it already, but stop talking about it. The media has so much fun with it, so I play around with them. 

(media) "It is rumored that you're schizophrenic."
"Yes, I see a woman... No, I am not schizo."
"Does she follow you around?"
"I'm a rock star... women follow me everywhere.."
Silence. And then... 
"But those women are real. Do you see fake women?"
"Every time I go into a clothing store. They model clothing."
Flushed. "No, I meant women who are not really there."
"In a clothing store? I think Tinkerbell goes to the doll section to get her knickers."
Sighing, "Mr. Bainbridge, why do you hate mirrors?"
"Because they reflect images."
(by this time the reporter is so off his or her roster, they just ask whatever comes to mind). " you see the image of women in mirrors?"
"If there are women at parties, and there are mirrors, and I look, I see them."
"But... don't you see women in mirrors that are not there?"
"It's very difficult to see anyone in a mirror if the mirror is not there."
(by this time they've discovered their mistake)
"Err..Um... I meant do you see women that are not really there reflected in mirrors?"
"Not women, no."
"Just myself."
"One woman?"
"I love all women! As long as they're gorgeous and will sleep with me..!"

Usually, around this point, they start talking music and about the band..! hahaha

Don't you hate when you sleep with some gorgeous fashion model and she snaps a photo as you wake up?

Next up on the tour... Austria! Who will be my conquest there?