Friday, January 30, 2015

Stephan here-- No News on Dane.

I am feeling so helpless. Today, I went to the studio in Atlanta to lay down some of the bass tracks for the latest album, but I don't think it's my best work. I cannot concentrate. At what point do you consider someone dead? Or give up on finding them?  It's been over a month. Nothing. No sign. No clues. Dane is just--gone!

Damn it. Why did I have to be the one to agree to stay here at Dane's home and take care of things? To basically live his life looking for clues as to my friend's disappearance?  Every day is harder than the day before. Though I am also learning things about my friend I never knew. And I'm hoping to find a clue within his life somewhere.

I get up in the morning (which, for me is usually around 11am), go down to the vast kitchen to find my coffee already made by Dane's housemaid, Edna (who calls him Mr. Dane). I sit at the kitchen island and drink my coffee and read the paper (apparently, Dane never read newspapers. Only history books and some novels). So, I started having the paper delivered here. 

I always have the dog and several cats for company as Edna goes about her duties managing the staff, which I counted as 3 people; two for cleaning the mansion, one for taking care of the horses--though I think that is 2 since there's weekday and weekend help. It is amazing how much help Dane relies on. Edna is sweeter than pie. She takes care of the indoor animals. She takes care of Dane. But he is not here so she has been trying to take care of me, but I am rather used to taking care of myself. She makes all his meals, cares for the cats (how many I don't know. I swear I see a new one daily), cares for the dog and manages the staff.

More fans have come by in the last weeks, both male and female. I rarely invite them in. Just the occasional hot chick. But, as time goes by, my worry is starting to effect me in other areas. I am desperately trying to find even the hint of a clue. I don't understand how someone can just...vanish!

Trying to get into Dane's head, his life. The only thing that keeps coming up is that woman both Dane and Bruce saw in the mirror onstage back in December. But who is she??? Does she have anything to do with Dane's disappearance? I need to follow that lead. It's the only one I have. I need to find this woman!

As I always do, to please fans... band photos:

Dane coming out of the shower
Adrian daydreaming

This was a fun shoot of me    

Bruce at some backstage thing about a year ago
The orchestra girls. We do hire local, but these gals are with us most tours.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

This is Stephan. Many Strange Happenings.

I feel like I have taken Dane's life! Living in his home, watching his television, dealing with his help, giving attention to his pets... even doing his women! I didn't think our lives were this different until now. But, he has lived in a whole other world. I live on the coast. My home is big but smaller than this one.... I have no pets. I have a maid service that comes once a week, but no daily maids. Dane takes his fame and fortune to the ultimate limits.

I found this photo of Adrian from several years back... we did a bit of a Goth thing if yoou recall, awhile back. Adrian looked the part pretty well....

Adrian during our Goth period...

Okay, enough of this... Because of Dane's disappearance, the media are digging, coming up with all sorts of crazy ideas of their own. I found this online today... a photo of Dane having sex! No one ever photographed ME screwing! Well.... maybe that's a good thing, but for Dane it's a brag moment. He likes those... not in a bad way! Someone made this GIF....

Someone found, or captured, some video of Dane with a fan....
I seriously doubt you'll find me on any of these... Being the bass player has its advantages in that we tend to be more obscure! Lead singers and guitarists are at the forefront of the media's attentions. The strange thing is, at the moment of this video, at least, Dane was having a really good time.... where is he now, and is he having as good a time?

Ok, don't look at that video gif too long... it will give you a headache!

I also found this online. Not being able to work much with the band is giving me far too much time on my hands, I think.

I guess, according to this, I am doing quite well, as my hair now is waist-length.

No other fans have shown up since Dalia. So, my sex life is a bit slow at the moment.

But, this is Dane's blog and I am sure you do not want to hear of my prowess. But I have nothing else to offer...Dane is still missing! There's been NO leads. I will keep you informed on every tiny detail, even if it's sex pictures that pop up on the internet. I've been drinking Dane's booze. Does it show?

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Something strange happened today! A clue to Dane's disappearance?

Hello. This is Stephan Gale again. I am staying at Dane's mansion until there is some word of his whereabouts. His housekeeper Edna is here each day, doing her part, though I feel bad because Dane is not here to pay her. And so I offered to pay her wages until Dane returns. There have been no charges on his credit cards, nothing. The bank said he made no unusual withdrawals before he disappeared. If he had run away with this girl as the authorities claim, he would have needed money.

Anyway, it has been a cold and rainy day here in SC. I was lying in the den, watching television earlier today, when the dog started to bark. Dane's dog, Wolfe, is a very sweet Doberman with brain damage sustained as a puppy. He does not bark unless there's a real reason to.

Dane has these security cameras all over the place, so I started to check them. That's when I saw her--some girl was standing outside in the rain, outside the gate. It was dark, the reporters have all but left us alone by now. Who is this chick? I thought. I know Dane has women showing up at his house all the time. Usually he lets them in for sex, drinks and sometimes a smoke or two, but with him gone, I wasn't sure what to do. If she's a fan, she must know he is gone. As it happens, my curiosity got the best of me.

I didn't open the gate, but went out into the drizzle. I don't think she knew who I was, as I had on a jacket and hood. She must have thought I was Dane. Though she was wearing a long rain coat, her black hair was soaked and hung down her back. Her brown eyes grew really wide and she started ranting "Oh my God Oh my God... Dane... I am so sorry about last time we were together! Please give me another chance," she rambled. "I thought you were missing, but I knew you would be here. Please, let me in, let me explain..."

At that point I removed my hood, which freed my long red hair. You should have seen the look on her face when she realized I was not Dane. Her mouth dropped open and I thought she was going to collapse onto the wet pavement. She began to stutter, "Y-You... y-you're not...'re Stephan, aren't you... the bass guitarist for Dark Myst?"

I tried to remain calm and neutral. "I am. May I help you with something?"

"Um...I eh... I'm Dalia. I was here, um.... in December. Dane and I...we... well, we.... Is he back yet?"

Ohhh I got it. Another of Dane's conquests, back for more. Or so I thought at the time. "No, Dalia, he is not. I'm staying here for now."

"Oh, I see. Oh, I thought... I've been coming by. I saw the lights on, I mean... the lights have been on, but the reporters are gone now and it's night and I thought--"

"You thought wrong, Dalia. Dane is not back yet." I know I sounded defensive.

I thought she would leave at that, but she didn't. "I have something for him," she said as she pulled a wrinkled envelope from the small purse on her shoulder.

"What's that?" I asked.

"A gift... an apology, for last time."

Now I was intrigued. An apology? For what? Could this random fan not be so random? Could she have information on Dane's whereabouts and not even know it? I thought hard, then decided I needed to speak to her, question her. "Do you want to come in, Dalia?"

She nodded really fast.

Once in the house, Wolfe, Dane's Doberman, greeted her like an old friend. Not that that really meant anything. The dog loves everyone!! He's not much of a protector, he's a pet. Dalia patted him and called him by name. She said it was nice to see him again. She also seemed to know the house well, so she had definitely been here before. She walked into the parlor and looked around, not in the way people look when they are curious or browsing, but like she was looking for something. So, I decided to ask her.

"You lookin for something in particular?"

"Sort of, I guess. I should know better, after what happened." She kept looking around the room, the fireplace, the sofas, the piano, everywhere.

"What are you lookin for?" I asked.

"Well... I gave him a card last time I was here. I was hoping... I guess I was hoping he still had it."

Ah. What I didn't, and wouldn't, tell her was that Dane had a habit of collecting "trophies" as he called them, from women he slept with. If she had given him a card and it was not here, chances are she either stunk as a lay, or they never did it. "The maid probably threw it away," I told her. There were a few little trinkets about that I knew were Dane's "trophies" from past fans he had over and slept with, but they were less in the form of cards, and more in the form of silver or crystal knick knacks. Dane had expensive taste. If she had given him just a card and been a good lay, the card would have lasted a month at best. "When did you see Dane last?" I asked.

Dalia thought for a moment. "Uh, it was the 23rd, I think."

Hmmm. Bruce had mentioned to the police something about a fan Dane told him about, who had shown up that day (Dec. 23rd) with a gift, but he had not kept it. By that time, the card had been long gone and no one knew her name. And now, here she was and I felt it my duty to play detective. The police felt she was unimportant since Bruce and Caitlyn saw him after she did, and Dane was fine when they left. Something was missing, however. Something I could perhaps find out from this Dalia chick. Perhaps I could do what the police failed; find Dane!

"Tell me everything that happened that day," I said, feeling suddenly like a cop in a mystery novel.

"Why?" she asked.

People in mystery novels weren't supposed to ask why, they were supposed to just answer. "It might help find Dane," I said honestly.

"Um, ok..." she started. The envelope she held in her hand was spattered with rain, and she placed it on the top of the piano. I assumed it was another card for Dane. I looked at her expectantly, waiting for her story. "I came here to see Dane. Well, you know that. But, I gave him a card... a different card than this one," she motioned to the damp envelope. I nodded. C'mon, girl, get to something I can use here!  She continued, "We um... we... well, you know... started to get into it. But he stopped so suddenly. We were so close." She bit her lip and sat on the piano bench, her legs slightly parted. She was wearing a really short skirt!  I had to look away or else I would have finished wherever it was Dane left off!

"Okay," I said, unable for a moment to think. "Why did he stop?"

"I don't know!" she drawled (she was obviously from Georgia). "He was looking past me--towards that big mirror in his bedroom. I didn't see anything, but he just stopped, ya know. Then he said I had to go!" She shrugged. "I was fit to be tied, if ya get my meanin' but I left anyway. That was all. I went home."

Not much information to go on. I was very disappointed. But, I know Dane. We've been close friends for the past decade and I cannot imagine him stopping once he's started on one of his conquests, as he calls them. Not unless something major happened. She said he looked toward the mirror. And stopped. WTF??? I KNOW Dane has a problem with mirrors because he has said in the past that he sees funky things in them, but..... what could he have seen that would stop him from having sex????

I am just as lost now as I was before. No information to give police. I'll have to see if Bruce or Adrian have any information.

Anyway, I think Dalia saw my disappointment. She came over and actually SAT on my lap!! She said she felt bad about Dane and just started kissing me. What was I going to do, push her off? Let's just say I finished what Dane had started. haha.  Wonder if I should tell him when he returns? It is his velvet sofa after all. I guess I wont have to tell him. He will see this blog. I figure, if he is somewhere he can see this, he will get angry and contact me!!! Either way, it's a win win for me.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hello Fans, it's Me -- Stephan. So Many Theories Behind Dane's Disappearance

Hello Dark Myst and Dane Bainbridge fans, readers of this blog. This is Stephan Gale. I have not written on this blog until now due to the fact that this has been very hard on me, as I see Bruce mentioned in an earlier post.

You see, though it seems stupid, I persuaded Dane to start this blog. For some strange reason, that's kept me from typing in it. Made me feel like I was stepping on Dane's personal space or something. But, my buddy has been missing over 3 weeks now, the police have given up the search because the trail is cold, as they said. They are convinced he up and left, but they don't know Dane as I do. He would never do that! Those of us who know him best are certain of it.

And I am certain we will see him again. I just feel it! I can't speculate on where he went. Dane has never said a word to me to indicate he would go anywhere. But here is what I do know... and this is not new news, as the police and detectives have questioned all of us on everything, especially me since Dane and I are closest personally rather than only professionally. The night of the concert in MN last month, Bruce said he saw someone in one of the mirrors onstage. I didn't see her, I was faced away and didn't look until I heard the squeal of the amps when Dane dropped his mic. By that time, I turned to see my friend disappear into the heavy smoke machine fog. I threw off my bass and ran over.

Bruce admitted he saw this girl in the mirror onstage! Police thought he was seeing someone from the audience but he insisted she was ONLY in the mirror! Detectives assume a crazed fan took Dane... or that he ran off with her. Bruce said something about thinking this girl may be behind Dane's disappearance in some way, but he wasn't sure Dane took off with her voluntarily. Apparently, Bruce told Dane after the concert that he saw this girl.

Like I said, I didn't see her, but Bruce said she just vanished. I guess there were people behind the mirrors but none of them looked like her and no one saw her. They all said they saw just the back of a big mirror. No one saw anyone go by, nothing. Especially not a woman dressed the way Bruce claimed. Our fans can at times have some interesting dress codes, but nothing like that. I would think she would have been noticed, and Bruce insists on it.

Personally, I think there's something about her that is behind Dane's disappearance. Is this some elaborate prank someone has played? I don't know. I would think nothing of the image in that mirror if it weren't for the fact Bruce saw her. Bruce makes up nothing! WTF??

Mostly, the detectives say they think he ran away with this girl. They all say because there's zero evidence of any foul play,  and because he's a rock star (which, by their terms means unstable), and by the amount of booze bottles found in his house they think he's an alcoholic or something, so they say he just decided to go on a wild trip somewhere. Um, no! Dane wouldn't just up and leave.

Somehow, I have to find this girl. Based on a description from Bruce, the police have come up with a sketch of her, though they have no leads on who she is or where she might be.  One of their theories is that Dane ran off with her. They apparently don't know him as I do.

Anyway, this is the sketch.

police sketch of the woman who Dane apparently ran away with! Yeah right!

Jesus, I have seen better sketches by 5 year olds! Not much to go on...

Anyway, it's "sketchy" what she looks like. Bruce (and apparently, Dane) saw her, but so far no one else has. The police are interviewing a LOT of people in this case. So far, Bruce is the only one admitting he saw her, but Dane obviously did too. Apparently, he was staring at her when he collapsed. What is this--some sort of fucking fantasy novel?? How can a woman be there, yet not exist? I wish I had seen her, I have a feeling it would give me more information. But I have none, and it is frustrating the crap out of me!

OMG Dane... where are you?

Some pics I found on Dane's computer....

Dane with a rescue cat. Not one of his. He's a cat guy.

Some party. I am not sure where this was taken.

Wasted at some party. What else is new?
Here's one of me I found on Dane's computer.
Please keep positive vibes going for Dane's safe return.
Thank you!
Stephan Gale
South Carolina, January 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Baby is Born!

This is Bruce Tomkin again. Last night, my wife Caitlyn went into labor. We were here, at Dane's mansion, which is far from her OB-GYN, but not too far from Augusta. At 2:46am January 6th, 2015, she gave birth to a baby boy. 7 lb 8 oz. He has dark hair and blue eyes. We decided to name him Dane, after our missing friend.

There is still no news on Dane. I am afraid to even think what could have happened, as the trail grows colder by each passing day! Caitlyn and I are going to be heading home tomorrow, but we have many friends who will be keeping tabs on everything going on and any news that might arise.

It's hard, my son is born and I am proud. At the same time we are all worried about our friend. Right now I choose to focus on my son, Dane Vincent Tomkin.

We will keep in touch.
Thank you all.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Is this a clue?

Good evening. This is Bruce Tomkin again. I have some news, or should I say a revelation, about Dane. It's nothing I can tell police or investigators. It's simply my own mind trying to grasp something solid.

In any event, my wife Caitlyn and I have been staying here, at Dane's mansion, along with Edna, helping to care for the estate and all the animals. Why someone who travels so much has so many animals is beyond me, but that is Dane for you--always the caring soul. God forgive me for saying this, but Dane, despite his over-exaggerated need for female companionship, beyond the hard exterior, has a soft spot for the critters.

As for my findings, if you can call it that--I was looking at the mirror in Dane's bedroom. After seeing this girl he always stated was mere delusion, for myself, I cannot help but wonder. I am not generally a man who thinks beyond reality (well, Dane will say my belief in God is far beyond reality), but is there some connection here to his disappearance??  What, I can't imagine, but he said he has been seeing this woman his whole life. She makes him feel things! Not sure what he means by that. I saw her, I felt nothing. But my rational mind can't make sense of it all. Yet, I know there is something there! Some clue I am missing. I will keep investigating that which the police say is nonsense.

Keep up the prayers. We will get Dane back, one way or another!

-Bruce Tomkin, January 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

No News Yet: Bruce Tomkin

Search crews have all but given up, though we have managed to convince them to keep looking, the investigation into Dane's disappearance is ongoing, but growing cold as more area is searched and there is no sign of him. Search dogs have picked up no trail outside of the estate. It's been a week now and we are all worried beyond words. The media is saying that he skipped town, running from something or is planning to fake his own death. I know this is not true! Dane loves his life too much. He loves his fame, his money, his house and animals, his fans, women...!!

I have known Dane for ten years. We met in 2004 when he was a new graduate of Juilliard. I was in a band and residing in New York at the time. He introduced himself after one of our shows and we hit it off musically, I knew I had to form a band with this talented singer/musician. The band I was in at the time was going nowhere and our music was stale. I had already been planning a break from them, as I had hooked up with 2 musicians from South Carolina.

That year, Dane and I traveled south to meet with Stephan and Adrian, who had been friends for several years. It was musically meant to be. We all had the same vision, for the most part. And, with Dane's Juilliard connections, we began a band using hard rock and some metal riffs, but with symphonic orchestrations.

Dane is one of the best singers I have had the pleasure to know. His rich voice and vocal range and intonation are perfect for the music we play, and being a history buff, knowing his way around a sword, Dane threw the biggest influence into the band, writing songs about Medieval lands, coming up with a vast array of costumes and elaborate stage routines. We were different, and word reached out quickly.  By 2007 we had our first album on the shelves, we were touring regularly, and pulling in larger and larger crowds. It all seems like a whirl now. I've been so busy with the band and my wife and a baby on the way, I have not had time to relax and forgot how fast time goes by, especially as I get older.

This past week has been hell. No one can even ponder a guess as to where Dane has disappeared to, and though this has hit us all very hard, Stephan seems to be taking it the hardest. Though Dane and I are best friends, Stephan and Dane have a connection in their shared interests, sense of humor, contests over bedding women, and pranks. I think that is why Stephan has not yet written in this blog. He says nothing, but I know him. His fear, worry and sadness show in his eyes and he never smiles anymore. So, now I must worry about him as well?

To stay busy, Adrian and I have been putting the finishing touches on some of our newest songs, minus vocals of course. I have added some of the bass as we can't get Stephan back to the studio or to play at all. He keeps stating that if Dane is gone for good, Dark Myst is no more. He says "Dane IS Dark Myst" and in many ways he is correct. As mentioned earlier, Dane is the backbone that our sound and success rests on.

Hope all of our fans are having a great New Year. Though Dane would hate me saying this on his blog, I am going to say it anyway; Please pray to God for his safe return. Bless you all and have a Happy New Year.

Stephan is taking this the hardest of us all!