Sunday, November 30, 2014

Party Time!

At the moment I am at a party. I'm a bit lit up like a Christmas tree, so don't mind my grammar. We are at Stephan's home. He wanted to have a Thanksgiving party for the band, crew, fans and all. He let me use his computer... in his office, away from the crowd. I will tell you why.

There are a lot of fans here..., women fans. Stephan is great for pulling them in. I have been harassed all night. Not that I mind a good lay or two with a very willing fan... but there must have been ten women hounding me as if I am the Dali Lama all night. I guess I felt a bit "overwhelmed" and I have already done 3 women tonight since I arrived. I'm out of condoms and I am tired. I want to relax with the band, friends... I cannot believe I am saying this... no sex, just drink and converse! I took a few photos for those fans that couldn't be here tonight.

Bruce hangs with party goers.

Adrian knows how to party with fans
Not sure where this one came from... I am in the back!
Stephan's party... think he could look a bit happier?

This is the party before the tour. In this way, fans who can make it get as chance to meet us, they get autographs, they get to talk to us and more... It's difficult on the road, especially with a packed tour. Often fans get insulted if we rush away, don't sign autographs, don't meet them. But you have to understand... we do 1 or 2 shows a NIGHT. As the lead singer, this can take a toll on my voice. I try not to talk too much on these short tours. I drinks lots of tea with honey. I keep my vocal cords limber with exercises. I need a lot of rest!  I hate when I have to walk by fans and only sign a few programs, shirts, etc. and leave more behind.

Please understand we are exhausted. Just like you, we are only human.  We work hard for you, to give you the best show, the best experience possible. So, Stephan hosted the party this year, for the fans. Often, we have it in a hall. This year at his home... a very unique deal.

As I said before, this will be a short tour. We will have no time for Meet & Greets this tour. Some will get the usual backstage passes and we will of course meet those fans. There's always something of a get together after each show. Then it's on to the next venue.

So.... as I am a bit drunk, on Stephan's computer, and ready to fall asleep, I am going to head away. I will stay overnight here tonight, so no worries about driving home the 2.5 hours back to Aiken. The tour starts in a week or so....

See you all on the road!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great and safe holiday everyone!  From your "Bad Boys" of Symphonic Metal... Dark Myst!

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Not a Normal Life

It's not like my life has ever been normal. But today pushed the boundaries of that normalcy beyond even my limits. Since the Jag is still laid up, I took the Ferrari out to that new music and book store I told you about previously. Of course, since today was the release of our latest CD, which stupid me forgot because Bruce the slave driver has me working furiously on this new song, I walked into this store unprepared. A storm was brewing. Then I walked in and found my own face right smack in front of me on one of those cardboard displays, but what was worse... the huge TV displaying one of our music videos in concert. Ugh. I generally would disguise myself with brown contacts and my hair up in a baseball cap. All I wanted was a book for Christ's sake. A little time to be a human.

I ran to the back of the store to the History Department. Anyone who knows me knows how I love to read history books.  I didn't even think, I just grabbed some leather bound book off the shelf to hide my face. I still felt like I was being watched!

Long story short, this old lady accused me of being dead!! How the hell can I be dead when I am right here?? I guess I resembled some guy she knew back long before I was born! WTF!

After leaving the store, in my car, I thought I saw "her" in the rear view mirror, but when I looked, I saw only myself. Phew.

To make a strange day even stranger, I bought that book and went home to finish working. After being reprimanded for my tardiness on getting this song done, Bruce left.  Christ, the tour isn't for another month! And it's a short tour.  But Bruce is so on edge because his wife is so close to her due date. He nearly snapped my head off, though, when I mentioned postponing the tour. He wouldn't have it.

I finally was able to relax in my library with my dog and read.  What the hell happened after that, I can't explain very well. Words can't compare. I read a passage about some knight way back in the 17th century in England.  I got dizzy, and the strangest feelings came over me. I swear I had only one glass of wine. Nothing else!

There's something in my life that is complicated and cannot be explained through rational means. I just do not yet know what it is. The rest is such a blur. Now you know why I feel that I am crazy and keep much of this stuff hidden. I've been lucky the media doesn't find this blog or they'd have a field day. Not that rock stars aren't well known for being nuts, but this is a whole different type of crazy.

Some weird revelation came to me tonight about that knight I read about in the book. But, it must be just my imagination playing tricks, right? I was in my room when it came to me. After, I went down to the kitchen for a glass of wine! Now, it's after 2 am and I need sleep!

Welcome to the bazaar life of Dane!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

New Book Store, Life on the Road and Sex

Sex always gets people reading. I can't blame them. It's the greatest thing on earth. But y'a ll already know who I am and that, besides music, my next biggest hobby is sex.

And I love to read. Especially history books. Well, tomorrow is the grand opening of a new music and bookstore here in S.C. (despite the bad weather of late. T-Storms today, lots of flash flood warnings). It also happens to be the release date of Dark Myst's new CD. I plan to visit the store for some new books. With a few tour dates coming up,  I will need some reading material. The others get on my ass about the amount of books I bring on the bus, but I have not embraced those 21st century e-readers yet.

This will be a complete bus tour.  It is short--a continuation of the summer's tour--only a month and a half.  I am not crazy about spending over a month on the road, new city EVERY night, not having a decent bath at a hotel. But, we won't have time for hotels in this particular tour. It's the bus all the way. Since Bruce made sure we have a brand new bus for just the four of us, I am hoping he also ordered a decent shower. I prefer baths, but one cannot be picky on the road.

Buses can have luxuries. Showers are rarely good. 
I miss home, I miss my animals, but look forward to traveling. Sometimes I get more rest on the road than I do at home. When home it's all work, recording, getting everything ready, marketing, etc. On the road, it's mostly sitting around while driving from state to state, watching movies, reading, talking, planning and playing games. You'd be surprised how much silence there can be with just the four of us on one bus. We are often engrossed in our own interests, warming up, going over songs, writing songs, texting (the others more than me), watching movies and reading (that would be me).

I spend a lot of time in my bunk, getting rest. I like to relax in there in private, curtain closed, and read or watch a movie. Or take a nap. I like to be very prepared and awake, but the drone of the road makes me tired.

Since Bruce banned fans on our bus while moving, I have to get in what I can when I can in my bunk. Not always a comfortable situation. But sex anywhere is better than none. I do prefer hotels.

Our new bus has many comforts and luxuries we didn't have before, so I am rather excited to travel in it. I have not even seen it yet. I guess there's a nice lounge in the back with a big HDTV and all the stations we could want. Good. I like to watch fantasy movies and certain TV shows. I am not a big fan of "reality TV" except this show called "My Cat From Hell" with this interesting character, who claims to be a musician by night and a cat behaviorist by day!

Well, off to bed. I have a song to finish that Bruce wants to put on the set list for the tour. I have a few changes I have to remember to the rider as well (for those who are confused, the rider is a list of those things we band members want on the road... food and such).

Check us out on tour!!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Monday is the Day

Adrian came back from...well, wherever it is he goes. We asked him about the photo, which I mentioned in my last post. He said the guy in the photo was "just a friend" he went to visit, whom he had not seen in a long time!

I don't know... doesn't look like a casual encounter to me.  He said they traveled around Romania and Europe just to experience the sights. I know it is hard to be a tourist when one is on the road working all the time. We go into a town and barely have time to breathe and sleep before showtime, then it is off to the next city. Adrian stated, in his "Dracula" type accent, that he likes to "get away from it and just be a person."

He did do a bit of a photo shoot over there, here is one photo he allowed us:

Looks a bit sketchy to me. I told him it looks as if he's heading into a hot tub with his male friend. Hah!  Who am I to talk? My ass has been published everywhere. It should bring us publicity, at least in Romania where the shoot was, and as a musician, one can never have too much publicity. You're only as good as your last album. In this day and age, if you even slow down on marketing, branding and promoting, you're gone. It's constant work. Your label does some work, but you have to be behind it pushing at all times.

I have heard, esp from Bruce, what it was like 20 year ago or so.... You  put out an album, toured to promote it and voila! You were a star!  Ok, maybe not that easy. But simpler than today!

Today, all these "indie" musicians are home making CD's and putting them online to buy. I have no problem with that, it's that anyone, no matter how much they stink, can record a CD. If they tour around enough to advertise, they eventually make a name for themselves and then they eventually become famous, even to a small extent.  Rarely are bands "discovered" into instant success. I say that only because we were sort of "discovered" seven years ago. We worked our asses off for it though. We all have fantastic musical backgrounds and we all have tremendous talent. Plus, we put on an amazing show. It's not just about the music, it's about the show! I have a really hard time with these bands that look like they stepped in off the street and just stand there onstage and play. Their music can be good, but with nothing to watch, I get bored. They need more than music. They need a gimick, a show!!

I  think I might start a grant fund for up and coming good musicians to be "discovered" and skip all the red tape.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Media Knows More Than Us

You would be surprised at the things that photojournalists capture, particular if you are someone famous. The band has had this week off, getting some good rest in before we go back out on the road in December. As usual Adrian's whereabouts remain a mystery. Everything about our drummer is an enigma, as all of you know.

Time and again, my sexcapades have been published for all to see (even some rather risque photos). Bruce's marriage and accusations of infidelity (all false) fill the tabloids. Stephan also has had more than his share of rumors spread about him. The strawberry blond Southern Boy living life as a sex God rock star! But then we have Adrian. Romian import. Shy. Stays behind his drums and rarely ever lets anyone in, not the media, not even us! His bandmates. He spends more time with us than anyone else. We are on the road together almost all year. He watches movies with us, talks and plays card games, even drinks and smokes weed with us. But never has he revealed anything about his private life. When the drumsticks leave his hands and the tour bus is put away, he is gone. We don't see him unless it's band business. Every now and then he will show up at a party or event, always alone.

Female fans hit on him all the time, but he merely excuses himself and heads off to his dressing room or the bus or hotel room. We have never once seen him take a woman, or even a man, to his room. Never seen him show interest in any gender. He is an enigma and he knows we all want to know. We've always wanted to know what is going on inside that all too feminine looking head of his. He's a great musician, and he says that should be enough. He tells us it is no one's business but his! We often ponder on why he became a professional musician, for his lifestyle is so contradictory to the norm. But he makes it work--somehow!  Until now...

It's not much to go on, but a recent photo surfaced on the internet depicting our very own Adrian with his arm around... someone. This photo was taken recently and he is away again on one of his mystery excursions so we cannot contact him. Is this person with him a man or woman? It appears that Adrian sees the camera... is that a sly grin or a sudden realization?  How funny is it that I (and the others) are pondering this photo as if we were outsiders with no connection to this guy whatsoever. When he gets back from wherever it is, we will ask him about this photo.

Is Adrian mocking our lack of knowledge of his personal life?
In the meantime, we have many guesses. All of us think this is a guy because Adrian is 5'11" and how many chicks are taller than that? A Model? So... if this is a dude he has his arm around, does that mean Adrian is gay? Or is this a relative and caught in a "brotherly" moment?

I cannot believe I am doing this... writing a blog anyone can see, speculating about my own bandmate and friend. He always says his private life is his own business, and I suppose it is. But to share nothing with us? In ten years?  Granted, he is the "baby" of the band. He started with us at age 17... or should I say we started with him, as he and Stephan knew one another before Bruce and I met up with them. And even Stephan, who has known him longest, hasn't a clue to his personal life. He has known Adrian a year before the rest of us and he said he never thought to ask.

What do you think?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Accident, Mirror Lady and Band News

So much going on right now, I don't know where to start. You will have to excuse me, it's been a rough week and I have drunk more than my normal dose of wine tonight. It is amazing I can type. Anyway... someone plowed into the rear of my Jaguar today!  There was a bit of fog. I was stopped waiting for the truck in front of me to turn when I heard the crunch and felt the jolt. No one was injured. My car took a bit of damage in the right rear bumper, but the other guy's insurance will cover it.

In other news, I was reminded today why I stay away from mirrors. She came to visit again today... it was as if she knew I had been in an accident, and even though I wasn't hurt at all, the stress of going through all this insurance bullshit is a pain. Now I must rely on the new Ferrari and that car is not always practical to drive wherever I wish to go.

The band is recording again, but I cannot tell you what we are recording, as all of it will be on the next CD. This will be the 2015 tour. Like I mentioned before, we have a few more U.S. dates in December then we take the holidays off. Adrian always returns to Romania for the holidays, Bruce spends it with Caitlyn, Stephan has his mom, dad and siblings. Me... I usually go back to Connecticut and spend time with my mom and dad. And that is what I will do this year. I leave the 21st and return back here the 30th.

I have a few concerts I want to see while I am in New England. Small time stuff, indie musicians and bands. Amazing how much talent is yet to be discovered. If no one was ever "discovered" who would make it?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

You Think it's Glamourous

It's funny. People always think that the life of a rock star is this truly glamorous life hanging out with chicks all around you, sex, drugs and rock and roll, as they say. Lounging about while you get paid a ton of money to get onstage for a couple hours and party with thousands of fans.

Though much of it is true, in a sense, there's a falseness that lies deep within. It CAN be glamorous, and there are lots of girls and fans, etc. Onstage is great! But then there's reality. The hours are grueling. You're either stuck in a bus with your bandmates for hours and hours on end, talking about the day's events, the next gig,  "what's the next city?"  "Should we change the line up?" "What time is sound check?" "Did the equipment get there on time?" and so on and so forth. Or you're living out of a hotel just to get a decent shower (tour bus shower are the pits).

Then there's the traveling. We travel 7-8 months out of every year. Not home, missing family and friends, if we even have friends outside our posse of band members, roadies, managers and assistants. Bruce... he has a family. He has his wife and a kid on the way. He is 40 and a first time dad. His wife, Caitlyn (who is only 28), joins him on the road all the time, usually preferring to travel with the bus of orchestra members since many are women. She traveled in our band bus a few times, but the rest of us got on her nerves, so she chose to stick with her own kind.  Now, being 8 months along, she chooses to stay home with a house full of nannies and nurses and maids and all kinds of other help. Bruce loves his wife and takes every precaution.


Adrian, what can I say about Adrian? What an enigma. Band member, one of my best friends, I think. It's crazy that I have known him for 10 years and yet I still don't know him. I've mentioned too many times that none of know what his deal is... is he gay or straight or bi or some other thing? But there's more to a person than their sexual orientation, right? Adrian is an amazing drummer! He grew up in Romania, so he has that sorta "Dracula" accent. It's light, though as he moved to this country at 14 with his parents. He lives on the coast. I am not exactly sure of his address. Believe it or not, he has never had any of us to his house. He's very quiet, even around us. He talks about music a lot, but rarely about himself or his life. I think there's some trauma there he doesn't want to bring up.


Stephan on the other hand, is an open book. He and I have the most in common. We both love the challenge of chasing girls, who generally chase us, and we always make the catch. We have an open bet going on who beds the most groupies on each tour. I have won so far. Ha Ha. My eyes captivate them, I am sure of it. I've had women tell me my eyes are captivating. There you go! Stephan also lives on the S.C. coast. Matter of fact, I am the only one who resides inland. I love Aiken. It's horse country and I can't recall a time when I did not love horses, or feel they needed to be in my life. That sounds so little girlish, but I have this odd feeling horses have always been a part of who I am.

As for me........ well, I love touring for the women and the music. I also love being home. I have no "human" kids (yet)... I am hopeful one day I will find a lady I will truly love and be able to have a family with....  in the meantime, my pets are my kids. That won't change, honest, but a human child would be an interesting distraction. Just don't tell Bruce. He is convinced I am hopeless and will remain single and alone. For now... I have my cats and my horses.

Good night fans.... 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Might as Well be Home

Hello all. I cannot believed the weather here in South Carolina lately. I might as well be home in Connecticut--I think it's actually warmer there. We've been having exceptionally cold weather down here. I want to go back to Greece!

No, actually, I am quite happy to be home. Touring is an evil necessity of being a rock star. Ok, it's not hugely evil. I meet many gorgeous ladies and seeing new towns is... well, ok, so I never really get to SEE the towns as we are always either working or sleeping! Once in a great while I get to play tourist.

So, a few photos of the band from a photo shoot in Europe.




So, now that we are home for a short time (we will be doing the last leg of our USA tour in December), I have time to sit back and NOT relax. Writing new songs for future gigs and albums. More work in the studio. Yada Yada. Nothing you will be interested in.

Anyway... my 30th birthday is next month... so strange. 30 years. Wow. I feel old.  Then again, Bruce, who will be 40 next year, thinks I am a baby.

OK, I am going to go pass out now. More maybe tomorrow! What do I have planned?  Not sure really.