Thursday, March 20, 2014

On the Road Again...

We had a very crazy day today. We've been on the road less than a week and Bruce is up to his crazy stunts, with Stephan and a member of the orchestra (Bobby) and his body guard as cohorts. This time they chose to play a joke on Cameron, which made me feel better, as it is so often on me!

I think I've mentioned before that Cameron is sort of an enigma, even to us who are closest to him. I mean, I have know this dude ten freaking years and I still don't know if he's gay, straight, into dolls or what! Of course, there's been many practical jokes through the years aimed at getting him to spill the beans. Nothing worked. Stephan is always making comments about whether Cameron even has any junk, ya know. Hah! Living in close proximity to other guys, you tend to see just about everything, every part of them, like it or not... especially when booze or drugs get involved. But Cameron, nope... he never even gets down to so much as his skivvies unless he's in a hotel room alone (and even that's a guess).

So, last night, Bruce, Stephan and gang decided to see for themselves. I was not involved in this one, but caught the "show" in person. I'd had several bottles of wine and was entertaining a couple lady fans in the front lounge of the bus as we were parked behind the venue. We were leaving the same night so once our "entertaining" was over, everyone would be kicked out and we'd head back on the road to the next city. Yeah, we had a "curfew."

About a half hour before we were to take off, Cameron came onto the bus. Stephan had paid some fan, or hooker, I don't know... to play the part. They wanted to see if Cameron would take the bait. As soon as he boarded, she was there. She took his hand and led him into the bowels of the bus. You should have seen the confused look on his face! He hadn't a clue why this strange girl was taking him into the middle of where we were all sitting, entertaining, drinking, partying. Like all of us, he was accustomed to women trying to get his attention, but he must have thought "wow, how bold is this one!"  We were all stifling our laughter. It took some acting to pretend nothing abnormal was going down.

Like I said, it's not unusual for any one of us to grab the attention of the ladies. I don't know why, but for some reason, rock stars are a big turn on for women! Even those that show no interest. And that's Cameron. He just looked confused.

As soon as she had him where she wanted him (where she had been paid and told to take him), She threw her arms around his neck and started kissing him. I swear he turned white as a ghost. Stephan was taping this on his cell phone and Bruce was stifling laughter. I just sat there, one lady on my lap, another beside me, watching and smiling.

I don't know how, but somehow I ended up involved in this prank. The girl in my lap (don't ask me for names, I never remember) slid down and unzipped my jeans. Okaaaay. Wasn't the first time I'd been indiscreet in front of all....!  She started to give me the blow job of the century. I tried to watch what was going on with Cameron, but it was rather difficult to concentrate with her warm lips on me, ya know. But I did see the "hooker" go down on her knees.... she unzipped Cameron's jeans so fast... I've never seen anyone move so fast to get another person un-pants. I don't know if Cameron was in shock or liked it... she actually got his pants down to his knees... all his junk showing... well, at least we know he has junk....before he grabbed his pants, pulled them back up and practically sprinted out of the bus.

What happened after that, I have no clue. I don't care. The pretty lady servicing me did a magnificent job, and my mind was lost by this time. When I came out of my "climax-induced coma" everyone was laughing... not at me, but at what had happened to Cameron. Personally, my mind was more on the fact that I had been completely and utterly satisfied, was drunk ad happy, than on Cameron's dilemma.

The rest is a blur, because I think I stumbled to my bunk and fell asleep (when I woke I was naked from the waist down, so I must have removed my pants at some point, not sure when). But, Cameron was back on the bus and we were moving--all fans and hookers had left.

Today, I got most of the story. I guess Cameron took off, humiliated. Bruce, Mr. Reasonable, took off after him. I haven't got a clue what was said, but Bruce convinced him to come back. Bruce said to him that it was his own fault... I mean, c'mon... we all wanted to be sure we'd been traveling for the last 7 years with a dude and not some hermaphrodite or something. I laughed at the story, and the video Stephan showed me after (which included a few seconds of me getting my thrill on). As long as it doesn't end up on YouTube, I don't care. We're all pretty good at keeping these private moments between us close friends.

Moral to this tale? Cameron is a guy for sure... but what his preferences are, we may never know!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dazed and Confused

Wow! What happened? I saw the Mirror lady again last night, late. Not sure what time. That always fucks with my brain, so I decided to go out. I drove to Atlanta (yeah, Georgia) and went bar-hopping. This is highly unlike me. I almost always get recognized and end up signing autographs and talking to a bunch of fans rather than just relaxing alone or picking up women anonymously.

And here, I drive my freaking Ferrari out to Atlanta of all places! I ended up at some fancy joint called Halo.

I actually had quite the time. As I sat there, sipping away at a Slippery Nipple, I saw a table with these two pretty ladies staring at me, so I went over. I bought them drinks and sat to chat. After a couple hours, I asked if they wanted to get out of there and they agreed.

I couldn't fit both of them in my car!  I wasn't about to bring them home... too far, and Jess was home. So, I followed them to one of their homes.

Have you ever had wild sex with two women at once? Not my first time, but damn these GA Peaches had talents. They could get into positions I didn't think possible... apparently, they're both dancers...exotic dancers.

Ok... try doing one as the other gets into this wild gymnastic-like position above her friend, so her... not sure I can use the word here.... is in your face! And after, they switched. They put to shame almost all the other women I've been with! They performed moves I didn't think possible. I believe these two read the Kama Sutra... and memorized it!! Add in plenty of booze and weed=perfect night.

Turns out, they did know who I am, but didn't want to make me uncomfortable by mentioning it. I thank them for that! Crazy night. Not sure if they invited me to stay or not, but I fell asleep (or passed out) in the bed and woke to find them on either side of me... Ahhh flesh to flesh! And more fun once we were all awake. Insatiable women are the best! Then, they made me breakfast as well!

Sex, wild sex, and even more sex, plus breakfast. It gets no better than this my friends.

Let's just say Jess was not happy when I arrived home at noon in the same clothes I left in.... I think she suspects. She knew I didn't have band practice last night, so I told her I went to Stephan's for the night. He'll back me up!

I recommend a night like that to all males out there!! It'll cure whatever may ail you. Made me forget all about the Mirror Lady! Bliss, to be able to forget my crazy delusions for a night instead of letting them drag me down as they generally do.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Male Sluts and Rock and Roll

I had a day off today and so I decided to sit and read in front of the fireplace in the library. Usually, I read history books. I like reading about various eras, particularly knights of the 17th century, kings and how they lived. King Ludwig was an interesting fellow to read about, if you ever wish.

Tonight, however, I had a taste for something different. I went to the bookstore and bought a rock biography. Should I say who's it is?  (hint... KISS me)

In any event, Jessica chastised me when I arrived home. "You play rock and roll for a living and now you want to read about it?" She was half kidding of course, I think. At least she smiled, shook her head and walked out of the kitchen, where Edna was making dinner. Shrimp Creole... One of my favorites besides tuna sandwiches.

I disappeared into the library. I don't know what Jess was doing, and really I didn't much care. She's a pretty amazing woman, but she can be a bit....naggy, if that's a word, at times. I mean, I know, ok she was joking... but I really think she was partially serious. What does she give a shit what I read?? Would she rather I came home with "The Whore's Guide to Getting Laid?" hahahahaha

Maybe she thinks reading about 1970's-1980's rock stars' lives will draw me into that drug-induced-fuck-anything world (well, I am kind in the latter stage, but I don't tell her).  But, I was born in 1984, so I sort of consider that "my era." Like someone born in the 60's thinks "Yeah, I was born in the 60's so I'm a hippie"  LOL  (Stephan taught me that... LOL... laughing out loud... what if I am laughing to myself, is it then LTM?)

Anyway, this biography was a pretty simple read so I got through most of it in a few hours' time. I'm a fast reader. At one point, he talks about sex and girls in the 80's... how the band members would have orgies together with several ladies. I can honestly say I have NOT done that. The last thing my boner wants is to see Stephan naked! That would kill it. I mention him only because, as I have mentioned previously, we don't know what Cameron is really... never see him with anyone, not woman nor man... nor cow! After all these years we stopped asking. Music is it for him. Apparently that's what gets him off, and if he has sex with anyone, it's when we are not on tour, that's for sure. Maybe he's gay and doesn't want us to know for fear we'll dump him? Like we care! This is the 21st century for crying out loud!

 Back to the biography. Apparently, women weren't the only thing shared by rock stars back then, but sexual diseases too. This was before the days of AIDS and other nasties, like super bugs and all the crap we worry about today.

Let me tell you something right now... I will NOT fuck anything that comes to me (as was stated a certain rocker back then did... I am sure many did.. seems the 70's and 80's was the "fuck-me" generation). I do have a bit of dignity. I also have a type. Like Jess for example. Brunette, big busted, thin waist, fairly tall (hey, I'm 6 feet, I don't want a shrimp). Also... wear a condom! Damn!! I guess back then men didn't feel it was necessary, or didn't like it. I always do! Ok... most of the time!!! I admit, I have indulged on a whim when I had nothing on me (which is rare). But those are few and far between. To my knowledge, I have no kids out there. And I certainly have no STDs. Yes, I've been checked. I am clean ladies... very clean! *evil laugh*  C'mon down!

Someone please find this gorgeous amazing woman and send her my way!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Successful rehearsal.

With the tour starting soon, we have been rehearsing a lot. Each day, I drive out to Bruce's studio on the coast, returning home exhausted but satisfied. For our fans, I think you're going to be extra pleased with the new tour and album. I have hired a new sword instructor and choreographer to teach me to integrate my sword routines into the music and the stage show. There will now be a platform atop one of our dragons onstage and from there I will sing several tunes.

I don't want to give away too much, but will allow a few hints here and there.

Jessica is still here, still living with me. This is my first long term relationship, so in my opinion, it's going well. Touring will be our test. She will not be there for the next tour. Am I a bad person for thinking "Freedom??"

Seriously, she has been so good to me. But, I m still a fee spirit and I did not ask her to move in, she just kind of did! When I was sic, she moved in and took care of me. I guess I owe her there.

Nothing more to discuss today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be more interesting. I have the day free, so who knows what will happen.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Tour Starting Soon and More....

Today is... what.... Uhhhh Monday by the east coast clock! hahaha. Wow... we start the new tour in a week or so... I can't believe how fast that time went by. Jessica has taken good care of me, in case you were concerned. We will be starting the tour very well rehearsed and relaxed. My head is fine, no scar shows...we have acquired a new tour bus to replace the one that was in the crash. Too bad since that one was brand new!

Today, no rehearsal, so to find something to do I tried my hand at searching the web. I found some great bands to listen to... and some fantastic up and comers. I know, that news is boring.

Right at the moment, I am listening to some 80's metal (ie Black Sabbath) and drinking wine... 3 bottles down, 5 to go. hahaha

I sat at the piano and started a new song today... no info yet on that except that it will not be out for the next album. So, you'll have to wait for that one.

Jessica is asleep, which makes this big house seem all that much larger. Edna has fone home for the day. Sometimes I walk through the halls of this big Gothic Revival with its maze of halls and rooms everywhere, and wonder what life really is all about... after several bottles I get a bit deep. And then I start to wonder why, besides being able to, I would buy such a huge house when I live alone. Well, I lived alone when I moved here. Now Jessica lives with me, and Edna and her family stay here when I am away on tour. I assume Jess will stay here too. Unless she decides to come on tour with us, which I prefer she didn't.

Usually, she has work to do and can't.

So, what is on your mind tonight? I love to hear your thoughts.

Don't you just love fans?