Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rehearsal for Tour, Cracking Voice, Strangeness and More

I took the limo out to the studio today for rehearsal for our upcoming tour, which starts in March. A few more weeks to prepare, which is good because my voice sounds like a crow on crack! Being ill has put quite a strain on it. I will get it back in shape before the tour. A bottle or two of wine tonight should aid it.

The roads and weather sucked. We have had snow and freezing rain and ice. At least our tour in March starts in Florida! Yeah, I know.... I am from the north. Still hate the snow and cold, and down here we get more ice than snow. The limo driver was pretty reliable, however, and got us to the studio and back safely (us being myself and Jessica).

When I got home, I found that a fan had sent me all these really cool images she had made of me. I'll show them to you.....

1. This one's kinda cool if you ask me. It shows me in a really vivid black and white. My eyes look creepy, more than usual....

2. This one is made to look like a really old photo.  For some reason, this one is my favorite. It feels almost "natural" if that makes sense (of course it doesn't). You know I am stuck in a past before I was born).

3. Hah! Night vision! Is this how all those girls see me in bed at night? LOL

4.   Not too sure about this one. Purple freaking out! My eyes look more crazy than normal.

5. This one's kinda cool. At least I don't look like a freak with my silver-blue eyes glowing out at everyone!

6. CRAZY! Look at those eyes. And fans wonder why I wear brown contact lenses a lot when I am out and about.... I know they always compliment my "unusual and striking" eyes, it made me a freak growing up.

7. And I thought the LAST one was freaky!

Let me know if you like any of these. THANK YOU to the loyal fan who sent them. I can tell she did a lot of work to make all of these for me. I love you... I love all my fans!

Take care and be safe!