Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Life on the Road

The tour is only a few weeks away now, and I am getting prepared to go back on the road. We will be touring from March to August abroad and then return to the USA. Our USA tour will run from October through January. After that, we will probably be back in the studio. Anyone who said life as a professional musician was easy obviously never did it. Tour buses, hotels, never knowing where you are from one place to the next. It's no wonder so many bands break up after only a short time. Music differences, personality clashes, drug issues, stress, a need for a "normal" life....!

But, no worries. We all get along fine (regardless of the occasional spat, which is normal). Bruce and I are best friends, despite being complete opposites. He is the reliable married faithful born again Christian, I am the playboy atheist (or, if you prefer, agnostic)... I mean, do you REALLY know what is out there?

In any event, after a couple bottles of wine and some other fun liquors, I listen to classical music and, yes, even opera.... Oh, don't be so surprised. Many of us hard rock musicians love classical music. I went to Julliard... top of my class, after all. Hell, where do you think Dark Myst got its sound?  Ok... mix 80's hard rock, classical orchestration and metal riffs, with some great vocals (not the screaming stuff) and you have ... well, us!

I am sure by now, if you have been following my blog, you think I am this sex crazed alcoholic. And you wouldn't be 100% wrong! I'm laughing right now... Aerosmith is blasting on the computer... what's an MP3 Player anyway? I AM a sex addicted alcoholic. SHHHH. Don't tell anyone. Bruce would have to have a "talk" with me. Oh man, these born-again Christians that are married.... they think their lives are the be all end all. So much he misses out on, man!!!

Time to open a 3rd bottle of wine! Yes!

You are probably wondering, if it's all that terrific... money and fame and girls and all... then why do we want to drink and do drugs? Let me tell you... it's ONLY a problem if it affects your music!  Nothing affects mine, and it won't.... When I go out on the stage, I am SOBER! You can bet the farm on that. I don't do any heavy drugs!! I just like some wine... liquors... just a bit each night. Makes seeing the "Mirror Lady" easier to handle in reality.  So... what's up with that anyhow?? I thought alcohol was supposed to remove delusions? So, why is she still there???

You answer this question!!!