Sunday, December 28, 2014

Message from the Band: Adrian

Hello. My name is Adrian Ionescu. I am the drummer from Dark Myst, which I am sure you are all aware. We have decided to use Dane's blog to send messages to his fans, as well as ours. I do not keep a blog, as Bruce does not either. Stephan keeps one, which carries his own updates, but he will also post here as we receive news or not of Dane's whereabouts.

At this moment, we still do not know where our friend and lead singer has gone off to. Did he leave on his own? This we doubt, as he has taken nothing with him. And why would the mansion be locked up as it is?

While on here, I have taken the liberty of reading through Dane's blog posts. I noticed a few about myself. I know I am an enigma to the band, and to anyone not close to my personal life, but this is the way I prefer to keep it. I travel the world in a famous rock band, my music is my love and my job. But, my personal life is mine. When I pose for photo shoots (which I often do, as I do not mind my form being captured for everyone to see, I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of), then that is my "public" appearance.  The paparazzi have found me privately on occasion and snapped photos, the problem with this being no one knows the true story. But that is okay. It is not the business of those I wish not to be involved. And this includes my business partners, my bandmates. We know enough about one another on the road without needing to know everything, as Dane and Stephan in particular find being public about every detail of their lives necessary.

On that note, I do not mind Dane's speculations about my private life. If... no, when he returns safe and reads this, he can know that I will still keep my private life such and he make all the speculations he wishes. Although a few of the pranks they have pulled were over the top. I am a good enough sport to be okay with it all.

To Dane, wherever you are, friend. Please come back safe. As we say in Romania,
Fii sigur , prietenul meu