Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Time flies!

How long has it been since I have written in this blog? I know I started to write a few posts but never published them.

Apparently, my story was far too intriguing to pass up, and so it was made into a "novel."  Funny as it really happened, but yet it is so unbelievable, it was written and is marketed as FICTION. I do not care, really. I prefer people think my ordeal was just the musings and imagination of a crazy rock star... After all, I've seen this amazing woman in mirrors since I could SEE a mirror, so how much crazier can they say I am???

I am not allowed to give away TOO much about the book, which was written by award winning author, Christine Church. The events are all true, but written as fiction. Marketed as fiction.

Because of all this legality, I have to be careful what I put in this blog.

All I can say is, read the book! Yes, it happened! There are many dimensions in the fabric of time and space. Wow, I can't even comprehend it all. I saw it, I experienced it... for 12 lifetimes, and yet sometimes I still cannot comprehend it.

Many will not believe, and that is ok. I actually prefer that, and asked this "memoir" of mine to be put out as FICTION. No one needs to know what is really out there!

I have a headache and we have a tour scheduled, so I need my "beauty" sleep.... so, good night loyal fans. I will talk to you soon!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rain, Floods and Death

I am writing this from the bus on our way to Oklahoma. Bruce is going out of his mind because he heard about all the floodings and rain back home in South Carolina. He hasn't been able to get through to his home or his wife, so he's going nuts. They have a small son and so he is worried beyond belief. Even the cell is not getting through. I just hope he doesn't decide decide to cancel the tour... Not sure he can! I am positive someone will get through eventually.

I have contacted my own home and Edna assures me all is fine, albeit very soggy. I heard Columbia was hit hard and that is only an hour from my home! I guess the president sent disaster relief funding to the areas hardest hit, including Charleston, Dorchester, Georgetown, Horry, Lexington, Orangeburg, Richland, and Williamsburg counties. Several of these counties abut mine.

The coastal areas where Bruce resides were hit hard as well. Right now we are all hoping everything will be ok. Bruce, of course, keeps praying!

I must admit I am concerned myself. I've heard much about deaths, homes lost, etc. All the other band members reside on the coast. But, thus far, Bruce is the only one unable to contact home.

I will keep all in the loop.

In the meantime, a view on the road.....

Sunday, August 9, 2015

On Tour. Lonely, Though Surrounded by People

I don't write much on this anymore. I really see no point. By now, all my fans have read the news, read about my "abduction." But none know what I truly lost while I was gone all those months. For me it was mere days. For the world several months. I aged, the world aged. Yet she does not. Even if she had survived, she would be the same. My forever beauty.

Those that took me, those that tortured me, those that nearly killed me. Still, the scars they left on my body cannot compare to the scar on my heart.

The band is on tour now, traveling from one city to the next. What used to be fun, exciting, a new conquest in each city, is now just a job. A chore. There is no mirror reflecting her image, keeping the loneliness at bay!

I miss the long ginger of her hair, the scent of the wooded lands that clung to her like a welcome home. I miss talking to her, her innocence and her fascination with all the tiniest things in this world that we humans take for granted. She wanted so to see them all, to feel, smell, taste every experience this world of ours has to offer.

If I could return to her world, to change what had been. To know. To take down the threat that took her in my stead, I would try. I would succeed. And she would live on, though I would have perished. Yes, I would gladly have taken her place.

I wish I had more to offer, my dear fans. I still love you all. Bear with me. My life is upside down right now. I hope you will understand. It took months to be able to get dressed, much less leave the estate.

I finally needed to get the dirge I wrote for her out and into the public. "My Timeless Love" has become an instant hit.

Monday, June 1, 2015

I am alive. I think!

Hello fans. I have been gone a very long time, I know. I have not been out of the hospital for a long time now, and the scars of what I endured are both obvious, physically and mentally. It is hard for me to write on this blog, but I needed you all to know I am alive, I am home, in recovery. Although I must be honest and tell you I am not sure I will recover completely. I may be alive, but will never be the same.

The papers and media have already had a field day relaying their speculations on my ordeal. How much of what they said is true? We shall see. I am not yet ready to relay any details beyond what I have at present.

I am absolutely exhausted. I either sleep too much, in which the bad dreams come and wake me, preventing any real restful sleep, or I do not sleep at all.

I have to tell my female fans, out of respect, to please not come by my manor. I will not allow you inside. I really do need time alone. To myself.

I see the band has kept up on my blog and all they knew. There is a reason so many clues were missing in my disappearance. Those who took me left little behind. But, a clue I offer here; my heart was left behind. It no longer belongs to me and has perished along with the place in which I was held.

With this, I head off to bed. Oh, what I would not give for a dreamless night. But this is an impossibility!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dane is BACK!!

This is Stephan again! I have written nothing in Dane's blog since December after he disappeared. The trail was so cold I was sure he was gone forever, no one ever knowing what had happened to him. We still do not know, and I have yet to see him, but he is back.

I moved home to my own house back in February. There was simply nothing left to look for and, although Edna is very nice, she was just too... accommodating for me. I guess she missed Dane quite a bit.

I guess I will leave the remainder of this blog to Dane, once he recovers and is out of the hospital. I am hopeful, though many express concern. He has not yet regained consciousness. The media has been all over this! Of course they have. This is big news--rock star found by housemaid, bloody and tortured, in torrential storm.  At least that is what one headline stated.

That gives a basic idea of what happened. I will not go on, as this is Dane's story to tell. Like I said, I am hopeful. At this writing, he is in the hospital in a coma. What he went through, what happened, and how they took him with leaving absolutely no trace, remains to be determined.

Here's a photo from a couple years ago...

Friday, January 30, 2015

Stephan here-- No News on Dane.

I am feeling so helpless. Today, I went to the studio in Atlanta to lay down some of the bass tracks for the latest album, but I don't think it's my best work. I cannot concentrate. At what point do you consider someone dead? Or give up on finding them?  It's been over a month. Nothing. No sign. No clues. Dane is just--gone!

Damn it. Why did I have to be the one to agree to stay here at Dane's home and take care of things? To basically live his life looking for clues as to my friend's disappearance?  Every day is harder than the day before. Though I am also learning things about my friend I never knew. And I'm hoping to find a clue within his life somewhere.

I get up in the morning (which, for me is usually around 11am), go down to the vast kitchen to find my coffee already made by Dane's housemaid, Edna (who calls him Mr. Dane). I sit at the kitchen island and drink my coffee and read the paper (apparently, Dane never read newspapers. Only history books and some novels). So, I started having the paper delivered here. 

I always have the dog and several cats for company as Edna goes about her duties managing the staff, which I counted as 3 people; two for cleaning the mansion, one for taking care of the horses--though I think that is 2 since there's weekday and weekend help. It is amazing how much help Dane relies on. Edna is sweeter than pie. She takes care of the indoor animals. She takes care of Dane. But he is not here so she has been trying to take care of me, but I am rather used to taking care of myself. She makes all his meals, cares for the cats (how many I don't know. I swear I see a new one daily), cares for the dog and manages the staff.

More fans have come by in the last weeks, both male and female. I rarely invite them in. Just the occasional hot chick. But, as time goes by, my worry is starting to effect me in other areas. I am desperately trying to find even the hint of a clue. I don't understand how someone can just...vanish!

Trying to get into Dane's head, his life. The only thing that keeps coming up is that woman both Dane and Bruce saw in the mirror onstage back in December. But who is she??? Does she have anything to do with Dane's disappearance? I need to follow that lead. It's the only one I have. I need to find this woman!

As I always do, to please fans... band photos:

Dane coming out of the shower
Adrian daydreaming

This was a fun shoot of me    

Bruce at some backstage thing about a year ago
The orchestra girls. We do hire local, but these gals are with us most tours.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

This is Stephan. Many Strange Happenings.

I feel like I have taken Dane's life! Living in his home, watching his television, dealing with his help, giving attention to his pets... even doing his women! I didn't think our lives were this different until now. But, he has lived in a whole other world. I live on the coast. My home is big but smaller than this one.... I have no pets. I have a maid service that comes once a week, but no daily maids. Dane takes his fame and fortune to the ultimate limits.

I found this photo of Adrian from several years back... we did a bit of a Goth thing if yoou recall, awhile back. Adrian looked the part pretty well....

Adrian during our Goth period...

Okay, enough of this... Because of Dane's disappearance, the media are digging, coming up with all sorts of crazy ideas of their own. I found this online today... a photo of Dane having sex! No one ever photographed ME screwing! Well.... maybe that's a good thing, but for Dane it's a brag moment. He likes those... not in a bad way! Someone made this GIF....

Someone found, or captured, some video of Dane with a fan....
I seriously doubt you'll find me on any of these... Being the bass player has its advantages in that we tend to be more obscure! Lead singers and guitarists are at the forefront of the media's attentions. The strange thing is, at the moment of this video, at least, Dane was having a really good time.... where is he now, and is he having as good a time?

Ok, don't look at that video gif too long... it will give you a headache!

I also found this online. Not being able to work much with the band is giving me far too much time on my hands, I think.

I guess, according to this, I am doing quite well, as my hair now is waist-length.

No other fans have shown up since Dalia. So, my sex life is a bit slow at the moment.

But, this is Dane's blog and I am sure you do not want to hear of my prowess. But I have nothing else to offer...Dane is still missing! There's been NO leads. I will keep you informed on every tiny detail, even if it's sex pictures that pop up on the internet. I've been drinking Dane's booze. Does it show?