Friday, June 27, 2014

European Tour Coming Up

The band is getting ready now for our upcoming European tour. I cannot wait to see England again, as I feel as if I have some sort of freakish connection to that country. I can't even imagine why, as I have never been there before our first tour overseas back in 2007. Yet, whenever I go there, I know every town and how far the next town is, though I don't always know the streets.

So, we are starting the tour in England and ending it there before coming back home.

It's been rather nice to be home for these few weeks we've had off (well, not really "off" as musicians never stop working).

On a personal note, I went out to my favorite book and music store to get some more reading material. Edna and Jess always bug me about buying an e-reader or some such gadget, but I really do prefer the old fashioned way of opening a real book and reading it. The smell of paper, the feel of the book's weight and texture in my hands.... I know, I am truly old fashioned.

Most of the books I read are history books, particularly about... you guessed it... England.

I am happy to have Jess back home from her modeling job in Europe (she is very big over there as a model of lingerie)... But she loves to snap photos with her cell phone when I least expect and am least ready. Last night, I was sitting in the day room after a show, munching Chinese food, watching a movie in the buff (good thing I had a sheet over me)... I didn't even know she took this photo! Sneaky isn't she?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Beyond Every Mirror I See Her

It's hot here in South Carolina.  Not that that's unique.  Right now it's almost 3am, a steamy night,  and I'm not home.  I finally figured out how to do this blog thing on my phone.

Anyway I think I screwed up. I am truly deficient when it comes to matters of the heart. There was a party tonight and of course I went to it. Jess is still in Europe. Needless to say there was a plethora of women.  The last one just left, so I'm feeling quite satisfied. I'm in the guest bedroom. I'd usually let the young lady or ladies spend the night (love all those naked warm bodies), but I decided to sleep alone tonight. ... out of respect for Jessica.  She's the only lady I fall asleep and wake up with. What difference does it make what happened in between? She's the one who lives in my house and shares my bed at home... a privilege many many women would kill for.

I got up to hit the head and when I came back I saw another reflection on the mirror on the other side of the room.  God damn it all! I threw on the first thing I found...a pair of cotton lounge pants and a t shirt. I guess I'll sleep in this tonight.  What if she returns?  There are several mirrors in this room and even if it is dark and I am asleep I feel her. I dream of her. I know she's there. Though I am accustomed to her presence,  it can at times be disturbing.  I'm not even home. What is this? Is she beyond every mirror in the world?

Sorry, I'm all tied up right now....

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Paparazzi and Sex Tapes

As they say down here in the south, I'm angry as a mule with a bur under his tail. What is it with the paparazzi and having to publish ... well, everything. Apparently, a lady fan I was "with" while out on tour videotaped us together... and the media got hold of the tape.... and published pictures from it! Okay, I admit I am quite good at my favorite recreational activity. But I have to keep this from Jess. If she sees this, she'll be the one with the bur under her tail. And I'll be in the dog house.

Yeah, that was a fun night... even though it made it into the media's hands, and I am sure the girl I was with made sure of it... brag about being with a rock star. I have news, girl. You're one in thousands! I won't say her name. Though she showed no respect for my privacy, I will respect hers. Besides, the authorities love to go after rock n rollers. We're all degenerates, you know!

Well, since Jess is still talking to me, she has obviously not seen this. It's on some obscure web site. Stephan was kind enough to point it out to me today.

Well, look at this, it's 2am and the wine is kicking in. I think I'll hit the sack (alone, as Jess is still in Europe). No fans at my house tonight so worries.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Touring Break and Review. Klaus Meine? Not bad!

It's been a hard few months. I've not had a chance to write in this blog for awhile. We've been on tour, as you know, making sure we hit all the cities to see all you terrific peeps. I hope everyone was able to come see us while we toured. As usual, the fans were terrific (and the girls better  haha). Seriously, Jessica was with us most of the tour until she had to fly to Europe for a modeling gig.

I've had no shortage of articles published on me and the band through the years, but I rarely see them. That's what Bruce does. He saves every article, every picture, and creates an album or plasters his office walls. One I did read, in a town we stayed over for a couple nights (Jesus, where was that? Sometimes the towns become a blur... especially when one goes through them wasted)... Anyway, I was in the bus and a local paper was on the table. All I know is I recognized my mug in a black and white picture so I picked it up with my free hand (I had a glass of wine in the other... I'm getting better... using glasses now)... It was just an article on us, that we were in town for a couple days, information on the tour and the band and some sort of critique or review. Every now and then I do read something or hear about something that was written and usually I'm the "drunk one" or the "womanizer" or some such statement (I drink so I don't have to care about being a womanizer  hahaha).... This one, I remember, compared my voice to Klaus Meine, lead vocalist for the Scorpions... a really great band, a bit before my time, but excellent music. I had only heard a few of their songs in the years and we've yet to run into them on tour (I think they are still around), but I never thought to compare my vocals to anyone else... I sound like... well, me.
Klaus Meine, Scorpions (1980's)
Doesn't look anything like me! Not even in high humidity on my worst hair day... But, I do have to say he is one talented singer and musician. I decided, after listening to recordings of him, that I can hear why they compared my vocals to his... rather alto in nature, great for the high stuff and ballads. We only have a few metal ballads, but hey....

In other news, I am thinking of writing a song about boobs.... thoughts?

(please don't let Jessica see this... I shall have to tell her the song is about HER boobs!)