Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dane is BACK!!

This is Stephan again! I have written nothing in Dane's blog since December after he disappeared. The trail was so cold I was sure he was gone forever, no one ever knowing what had happened to him. We still do not know, and I have yet to see him, but he is back.

I moved home to my own house back in February. There was simply nothing left to look for and, although Edna is very nice, she was just too... accommodating for me. I guess she missed Dane quite a bit.

I guess I will leave the remainder of this blog to Dane, once he recovers and is out of the hospital. I am hopeful, though many express concern. He has not yet regained consciousness. The media has been all over this! Of course they have. This is big news--rock star found by housemaid, bloody and tortured, in torrential storm.  At least that is what one headline stated.

That gives a basic idea of what happened. I will not go on, as this is Dane's story to tell. Like I said, I am hopeful. At this writing, he is in the hospital in a coma. What he went through, what happened, and how they took him with leaving absolutely no trace, remains to be determined.

Here's a photo from a couple years ago...