Tuesday, November 11, 2014

You Think it's Glamourous

It's funny. People always think that the life of a rock star is this truly glamorous life hanging out with chicks all around you, sex, drugs and rock and roll, as they say. Lounging about while you get paid a ton of money to get onstage for a couple hours and party with thousands of fans.

Though much of it is true, in a sense, there's a falseness that lies deep within. It CAN be glamorous, and there are lots of girls and fans, etc. Onstage is great! But then there's reality. The hours are grueling. You're either stuck in a bus with your bandmates for hours and hours on end, talking about the day's events, the next gig,  "what's the next city?"  "Should we change the line up?" "What time is sound check?" "Did the equipment get there on time?" and so on and so forth. Or you're living out of a hotel just to get a decent shower (tour bus shower are the pits).

Then there's the traveling. We travel 7-8 months out of every year. Not home, missing family and friends, if we even have friends outside our posse of band members, roadies, managers and assistants. Bruce... he has a family. He has his wife and a kid on the way. He is 40 and a first time dad. His wife, Caitlyn (who is only 28), joins him on the road all the time, usually preferring to travel with the bus of orchestra members since many are women. She traveled in our band bus a few times, but the rest of us got on her nerves, so she chose to stick with her own kind.  Now, being 8 months along, she chooses to stay home with a house full of nannies and nurses and maids and all kinds of other help. Bruce loves his wife and takes every precaution.


Adrian, what can I say about Adrian? What an enigma. Band member, one of my best friends, I think. It's crazy that I have known him for 10 years and yet I still don't know him. I've mentioned too many times that none of know what his deal is... is he gay or straight or bi or some other thing? But there's more to a person than their sexual orientation, right? Adrian is an amazing drummer! He grew up in Romania, so he has that sorta "Dracula" accent. It's light, though as he moved to this country at 14 with his parents. He lives on the coast. I am not exactly sure of his address. Believe it or not, he has never had any of us to his house. He's very quiet, even around us. He talks about music a lot, but rarely about himself or his life. I think there's some trauma there he doesn't want to bring up.


Stephan on the other hand, is an open book. He and I have the most in common. We both love the challenge of chasing girls, who generally chase us, and we always make the catch. We have an open bet going on who beds the most groupies on each tour. I have won so far. Ha Ha. My eyes captivate them, I am sure of it. I've had women tell me my eyes are captivating. There you go! Stephan also lives on the S.C. coast. Matter of fact, I am the only one who resides inland. I love Aiken. It's horse country and I can't recall a time when I did not love horses, or feel they needed to be in my life. That sounds so little girlish, but I have this odd feeling horses have always been a part of who I am.

As for me........ well, I love touring for the women and the music. I also love being home. I have no "human" kids (yet)... I am hopeful one day I will find a lady I will truly love and be able to have a family with....  in the meantime, my pets are my kids. That won't change, honest, but a human child would be an interesting distraction. Just don't tell Bruce. He is convinced I am hopeless and will remain single and alone. For now... I have my cats and my horses.

Good night fans....