Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Talk About a Total Shock!

I fell asleep sometime during the day, on the sofa in the den. I only woke up when I heard the gate buzzer going off constantly. Turns out it was Bruce, and his very pregnant wife Caitlin! I let them in of course. I was done with fans for the day at least.

Immediately, as usual, Bruce and I began a squabble. He's such an ass. He picked on the lady fan I told him about... how I didn't quite "get there."

I admit I snapped rather prematurely. I brought up the whole tour bus incident. The reason we had a new bus only for the 4 of us, no fans allowed. Though I must admit I cannot complain... it is a sweet ride!

In any event, as it turns out--crazy as it is--Bruce also saw my "Mirror Lady" on stage! Wow! I did NOT expect that! That shoots to hell all of the theories that I am crazy and/or schizophrenic. If Bruce saw her too.....

I am totally blown away!  What does this mean? My whole life I have seen her... she has been "mine," and now he sees her as well??? Hmm.... if she was MY illusion, he would not have seen her. If she was some past life regression, as Edna likes to call it, only I would see her... So how did Bruce also see her? I have such a headache thinking about this!

But... he did not FEEL what I did when seeing her! She makes me pass out. She makes me FEEL things I never have before. Bruce said he saw her, but felt nothing. WTF is going on here????

Right now I am sitting in the kitchen, trying to eat. But my stomach is not working. There's a break in the rain, so I think I'll take Camelot for a ride into Hitchcock Woods. I need time to think and riding always allows my mind to clear.

Tomorrow is my thirtieth birthday. Thirty! Ugh, I feel old.