Monday, December 22, 2014

Hospital and Home and Confusion! Is This really the Life of a Rock Star?

Not sure if this had made news or not, I have not seen the news in several days. I am extremely disappointed, as well as confused and a fragment of my former self. Huh? Yeah, I know. I am most definitely going crazy, which is good for the image of a rock star! Anyway, the most vital part of our stage set did NOT arrive in time Saturday to make the stage. I am not sure whose idea it was, but mirrors were put in place around the stage... massive mirrors. I don't even know where they came from!! Who thought of this?? I guess they felt they needed to fill the gaps where our missing stage dragons would have been! The problem is, they did not know ME!!

So, throughout the concert our laser show bounced off these mirrors, giving all of us headaches! And mid-concert, I saw HER!!!! I can't be sure what happened after that except I landed in the hospital. I really despise hospitals!! I got out as quickly as they allowed. Oh, and remind me to KILL Stephan. He left me with no street clothes, so I had to walk through the hospital in my STAGE COSTUME of all things!

So glad to be home!

If you haven't seen our show, here is a digital rendering a fan made awhile back depicting our stage set, though not an exact replica, it is close.

We have a castle... (ok, not stone and mortar real, but built as a stage set, not digital). Laser lights, pyrotechnics, and so much more. The dragons are the greatest! Set on each side of the stage, staring at each other, laser lights shoot from their eyes and fire breathes from their mouths at certain times. It's all choreographed in perfect timing. One must be careful, however. I was burned once from the fire when I was not in the right place at the right time!!

For parts of the set, I am on a platform behind one dragon that makes it appear as if I am inside its mouth, or on top of it! I use swords as part of my routine.  We have THE most elaborate stage set and routine of ANY rock band that has ever existed... even beating out KISS. Our regular stage show blows their show off the map!!!  We are truly, the "bad boys" of symphonic rock/metal.

And we hope to one day make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

Anyway, I certainly didn't expect to be home so soon!!  What a disappointment that our manager cancelled the entire tour! C'mon, this is just a bump in the road, but he says "You have not been yourself lately, Dane. Get some rest."  Now, what does THAT mean???

I showered and changed and Edna had dinner for me. OMG she had this entire spread! Nothing is a small affair with Edna. My dining room looked like we were having Christmas company. Edna's family stays at the mansion when I am on tour, however, they had gone home when she heard I was coming home early from "exhaustion." Since I was supposed to be on tour no family outings were planned.  It was just me, Edna and the animals.

Anyway, I invited Edna to join me since she cooked such a terrific meal. The real reason I wanted her there was because I needed to vent. I told her everything!  Of course, she had all these crazy ideas on why I see this image, this illusion if you will, in my mirrors. Home mirrors, fine... But mirrors onstage??? This is too fucked up to understand!

She brought up some past life regression theory. Oh really? Why in hell would I relive a past where I see this ginger-haired woman as a reflection in mirrors my entire life???  Does that sound sane to you?

So, I sent her home early, Not because of her theories, mind you, but because I just needed time to myself.

My 30th birthday is SOON... too soon. On the 24th. Thirty. Why does that seem so old to me?

Wait.... Martha said her brother's birthday was the same day. He looked like me. But he lived in the 1920's. Can't be connected. Weird.

I'm going to bed now..... what is next???