Thursday, October 16, 2014

Home for Now

We arrived home to a deluge of rain and storms. Fortunately, my property didn't receive any damage, other than a small tree down by the barn. I guess farther west they weren't so lucky. I saw on the news about tornadoes killing people and damaging storms. I admit that's always been a fear of mine since moving south--they do tend to have much more severe weather down here than I ever remember from growing up in New England.

Anyway, it is nice to be home where I have only 2 mirrors in the whole house, very little worries, where Edna makes all my favorite foods, and I can go for midnight rides on my horse or cuddle in front of the television with one of my cats and my dog.

I am heading to my jacuzzi now for a nice long bath and spa, hoping that will kill this jet lag and allow me to get some shut eye.

A few tour shots.... Enjoy!

Me (night in Spain)

Stephan reheasing
Adrian... just being himself
Bruce caught unawares

Have a great night. Stay safe!