Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Might as Well be Home

Hello all. I cannot believed the weather here in South Carolina lately. I might as well be home in Connecticut--I think it's actually warmer there. We've been having exceptionally cold weather down here. I want to go back to Greece!

No, actually, I am quite happy to be home. Touring is an evil necessity of being a rock star. Ok, it's not hugely evil. I meet many gorgeous ladies and seeing new towns is... well, ok, so I never really get to SEE the towns as we are always either working or sleeping! Once in a great while I get to play tourist.

So, a few photos of the band from a photo shoot in Europe.




So, now that we are home for a short time (we will be doing the last leg of our USA tour in December), I have time to sit back and NOT relax. Writing new songs for future gigs and albums. More work in the studio. Yada Yada. Nothing you will be interested in.

Anyway... my 30th birthday is next month... so strange. 30 years. Wow. I feel old.  Then again, Bruce, who will be 40 next year, thinks I am a baby.

OK, I am going to go pass out now. More maybe tomorrow! What do I have planned?  Not sure really.