Friday, October 17, 2014

Uh... New Tour Bus?

I was informed today that Bruce is selling our existing tour bus (he makes these decisions and never consults with the rest of us) and ordering a new, state of the art, personalized rig.I am starting to worry about his use of our money! Except he's always been really good about making sure we have enough of everything. He works exclusively with our managers and accountants. Me, I have no money sense. I get paid, I am happy. My "paycheck" covers my expansive estate, my cars, my animals, keeps food on my table and pays for my help. What more can a man ask for? OK, sex. But I get plenty of that... yeah, can always have more!

Well, apparently, according to Bruce, this new bus will be much more comfortable for the 4 of us. It has 3 sliders, so when parked it's like this mini house! Something like 900 square feet or some such. Doesn't sound all that big to me, but bigger than the one we have used for the last 5 years. This new bus has better sleeping quarters too. Only 4 bunks instead of 6. So more space per bunk. Cool. He said we will each have a nice TV screen with DVD and satellite in each bunk, plus hook ups for anything we need to plug in (computers and such... get your mind out of the gutter). Good... plenty of room for TWO, if you get my meaning.  Okay, all you gorgeous brunettes.... come see me in my bunk. You can line up one by one or two by two... I can take it! Hah!

Bruce told me he ALMOST had a private bedroom built at the rear of the bus for himself and his wife!  That would leave the rest of us with bunks, not bedrooms. He said since we are all single and he is not, and he is older than we are, it made sense. (Bruce logic) He also knew we'd be pissed off if he did this. If we have to sleep in bunks, he does! At least they're bigger, though... and he said the mattresses are made to fit our sleep requirements (I need a super soft mattress where Stephan  prefers a bit firmer). It's almost like "Sleep Number" for bunks. hahahaha

Anyway, he placed a nice lounge in the back with a huge TV and very comfy seating. He knows I love movies and hate leather, so the sofas are of a fine suede rather than cold leather, and the TV is huge with every station known to man!! I should kiss Bruce! Tours will be much more fun.

Of course, for him, he added a separate area for composing and working and even recording. He is such a workaholic, I don't know how Caitlyn deals with him! Well, she is expecting their first child, so I guess she has no choice.

Ok... more photos for the fans..... (though I still don't know who Adrian's fans are... he's so "mysterious."  Any fans out there know what his deal is? Please tell the rest of us. Inquiring minds want to know).
Stephan enjoys playing it up for European Photo shoots....

As does Adrian... Showing off his androgyny.

Bruce, Candid

Enjoy your weekend, fans and folks......