Saturday, October 4, 2014

Romania--Home for Adrian

We are in Romania now. I tease Adrian all the time, since this is his home. Perhaps I will get to the bottom of his "deal."   As anyone who has followed the band knows, we have always wondered about Adrian.  He is so androgynous in appearance and mysterious about his personal life.  We've played the usual pranks on him... anything to get him to reveal what the hell he is. I mean, yeah he's male, but what's his deal? We think he's like into everything... men, women, B&D, S&M and all the other letters associated with anything kinky.

We're not sure if Adrian is straight, gay, bi or anything in between or around!

The problem is that Adrian has never showed even the slightest hint, even in 10 years, as to what he is... No girlfriends that we know of, no boyfriends. No... nothing. Is there a way to find out what's behind this mysterious drummer?

Stephan and I have been having quite a bit of fun out here in what we call "Dracula land" ... of course Adrian doesn't like that. He is Romanian after all, born here, left for the USA at age 14. It's funny... his accent gets stronger every time we get here. I hear him speaking his native language to locals (of course I can't understand one word) and though when he is on tour or in the United States, his accent is barely noticeable, but here he sounds like a vampire of olde, "Good Evening..." (think Dracula). I think he lets his guard down when he is home.

Stephan warming up before a gig.
"Bună ziua" That is Welcome in Romanian. That's about all I know, other than how to ask for wine.