Monday, December 15, 2014

Ready for the Tour, New Tour Bus

We leave this week for the last tour of this year! I finally got a chance to see our new tour bus! It's pretty sweet. And also the first one we have had with our band name on it. This one will just be for the four of us. If you read this blog regularly, you know why.

Inside is even nicer than the shiny black exterior. Gorgeous granite counter tops, large living areas with TVs, DVDs, stereos, the works, as well as a cozy lounge in the back with a huge TV. Only four bunks so each one is huge. Our last bus had 6 bunks, 3 stacked up on each side and they were a bit claustrophobic. But with two on each side they are more like regular beds, with all the video and music, lights, ambiance lighting, etc. There's even a large kitchen area for plenty of munchies. Nothing was missed. Bruce and I are best friends that don't always see eye to eye and have our share of tussles. But this bus makes up for a lot. Too bad this is a short tour. It will be an extremely enjoyable one though.

Sweet ride

Even a TV in a small area near the kitchen
I DID ask Bruce to keep the leather furniture to a minimum, as I despise leather... my ass always sticks to it and it's always cold! So, thought some areas have leather (particular eating areas), most have suede or nice soft materials, I am not sure what.... I know leather and suede but I'm not Martha Stewart here, so I don't know the name of everything. My apologies. I suck at describing things.

Here at home, I am getting everything ready to go. My throat is much better, though I do still have a bit of a cough. I will have the bus stocked with plenty of throat lozenges as well as adding extra tea, honey and throat drops on the riders.

See you on tour!!!