Saturday, December 28, 2013

Twitter and Other Things

I can't believe I am doing this. I really wish Adrian and Stephan would leave me alone about all this technology crap. I have never been much into high tech. Other than my cell phone and laptop, I haven't thought much about going into the whole techy thing. Now they want me on all these social media sites. They said all the stars keep up with fans in this way. So, to shut them up, I started a Twitter account.

Not really sure how to keep up with all of this, but I see by many of my cohorts they manage to do just fine.

First order of business. The band is working again on some new music (when are we not, right?)  Hey, it's a strange life but it's a job and pays us well. haha

Second, I saw Jessica again last night.  Yeah, our first night together was pretty wild and we "consummated" our friendship that night. What I had not expected was the next day when we awoke and had breakfast together and got to talking! Edna had her famous "southern scrambled egg dish" all made up with grits and coffee.

I really like Jess and we have quite a bit in common. She's a history buff and book reader like myself. We are both animal rights advocates, we are both atheist, and she likes my sword collection! Yeah, ok, that last one isn't a deal breaker. But, it means we have a lot to chat about. So, tonight, I took her out to a nice dinner at the Prime Steakhouse. I had the Sea Bass and she had the Salmon. So, we are also seafood lovers.

Starting to wonder. Could she be the one to tame this wild stallion? I don't know if that's possible.