Friday, December 27, 2013


I cannot believe I slept the day away. I didn't wake until after 2 in the afternoon. When I did, the only warm body in the bed beside me was my dog. I rose and threw on a pair of jeans and wandered downstairs. Edna was in the kitchen, as she often is, since she is my cook and head of all the help in my house.

"Merry Christmas, Mister Dane," she said as I wandered, yawning, into the kitchen. For a moment, my brain thought it was actually Christmas, but then I remembered that was yesterday, I had been at Stephan's party and met a gorgeous lady named Jessica. I remember little else, except the magnificent sex. Ok, ok, I don't want your kids reading that, and I have to keep this blog rated at a low level... I know lots of teens listen to our music and attend our concerts... perhaps they read this blog?

Jessica! Yes, she had left while I slept, but Edna explained. "She came down and introduced herself. Did you even get to know this girl or was it all physical?" She said the statement like a mother reaming out a teenage son. But, that's Edna... my "second mother." Edna knows everything about me... and I do mean everything. More than my own mother. She even knows the full extent of my secret--all my secrets.

Anyway, she continued, "Your friend Jessica said she had to get to work and to tell you to call her." At that, Edna offered a little chuckle. She also knows that my experience with women tended to last no more than a night, maybe two if they impress me.

And Jessica had impressed me! Not just in bed. But, I recall something about her work and feeling as if I wanted to hear more. I was too drunk and high to recall details, but I remember feeling like there was more to this girl than her looks and talents in the sack. She did leave her phone number, so, in rare fashion for me, I think I will call and see if she would like a proper date.

Later in the afternoon, Stephan called. At first, he screamed at me for "stealing his gal." But, as it turns out, he had makings on her as well. I just got there first. I told him she wouldn't have been interested in his ugly mug anyway! He knew I was joking... well, sort of. haha.

Well, I actually hope to see her again. I think I'm in like... no really, but there really is something special about her!

I will let you know if I hook up with her again.