Monday, December 30, 2013

Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll

If you can't handle the truth of life on the road, then don't read this.

Sex, booze and rock and roll. I don't do any kind of hard drugs, a little weed once in awhile after a show to unwind. Unlike many famous musicians, drugs were never my gig. My entire life has been spent in mass delusion all on its own, so why would I?  Drink, on the other hand. It helps unwind me. I don't smoke cigarettes (quit in 2008). My voice is important and made me millions. I'm not about to compromise my livelihood.  As for sex, well...

I have to admit it. I'm a sex addict. There is nothing that calms the nerves like a good roll in the hay with a perfectly gorgeous woman! On the road, it's easy. One or two a night, move on to the next city. Two or three, move on again. I keep a list on my cell phone with a photo file. I can never remember names. They are in alphabetical order by city. Some have red X's beside them. Those are the chicks to steer clear of... to make sure they do NOT get backstage passes! I keep my road manager in charge of that one. He knows my type, if I have one. I prefer dark hair. And dark eyes. I have black hair, but my eyes are blue. Like  silver blue, which is weird, right? Sometimes I wear brown contact lenses just to appear more "normal."

Being the 'front man,' the women flock my way anyhow (plus, Bruce is loyally and sickeningly married, Stephan has a gal (for now) and Adrian... well, we're never sure what his deal is. Is he gay, is he straight, somewhere in between? We don't really know. We've never seen him with anyone at all. He is married to music and that seems to be what gets him off. He is shy and prefers to stay behind his drums. Maybe all that rhythmic banging is compensation for something. We tease him mercilessly on the road, but he never talks).

Back on subject, after all the confusion last night, I really needed a "fix." I couldn't call Jess because she was part of the problem. Living out here in Aiken, SC, there's very little temptation, which is part of the reason I moved out here as opposed to living along the coast where the rest of the band reside. I like my private life, and though I do bring girls home, and sometimes they find me, most of the time it is just me, Edna, the animals and the house staff. Most of the songs I contribute are written right here at home and if I allowed my addiction full rein here I'd never get any work done. So, I ride my horses, choreograph sword fights I can later use onstage, and work on music to get out any frustration.

Tonight, however, none of that would do! So, I went out to a local bar. I'd never been there before, but I was recognized immediately and ushered through the door to a prime location and free drinks. Normally, I don't want the attention on me, but tonight I did. And I got it. Several gorgeous brunettes raped me with their stares. The hell with it. I brought two of them home! They just left, as I didn't want them sleeping in my house all night. I had my driver bring them wherever they wished to go.

At least that released a bit of tension. Perhaps tomorrow I will call Jessica and see if she wants to get together and go out again.  What is it about that girl??