Thursday, December 26, 2013

Long Day, Is it Bedtime yet?

Hello fans.

I went to Stephan's house for what turned out to be a pretty wild Christmas party tonight. As I write this, there is a pretty gal asleep (or should I say, passed out), in my bed upstairs. I met her at the party, which boasted about 300 people! When Stephan throws a party, it is no small affair. Of course we were all there, Bruce and his wife (of course), myself and Adrian. As usual, Adrian came alone.... what's his deal, anyway?

I didn't exactly go there with any expectations, but this very beautiful woman with long flowing dark hair, striking blue eyes and the biggest natural breasts I have ever had my hands on, was there. A friend or fan. I've had too much to drink to remember which.

She introduced herself as Jessica. Pretty name... and I can't believe I remember. 

We both had a bit too much to drink, but since I left the car in the garage and had my limo take me to the party, I didn't have to worry about driving. Long story short, Jessica and I ended up back here in my house. After some crazy sex (which I will keep secret except to say this girl is LIMBER), she passed out but, as usual, I cannot sleep. I need more of that! So, in a few minutes I will go upstairs and see if she is awake! 

Never mind waiting. The thought of her has me needing to head up there now. Later dudes!