Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cold Air and Tour Schedules

Good evening from the very chilly land of South Carolina. Though I didn't move from Connecticut to SC because of the warmer weather, it was a nice perk to get away from snow and cold temperatures.

It's around 19 degrees Fahrenheit right now, which is very cold for this part of the nation. My horse's water froze last night! I have no heated water buckets, as we used in the north. I felt so bad for them, especially the older guy, that I went out there myself tonight at midnight to make sure they had water.
Inside the barn, closed up, with the 2 of them (both have blankets I purchased for them when this cold snap started) it wasn't too bad. There was some ice in the buckets, so I refreshed it. I really do love my horses and want them to have the best. If that sounds too "girly" then too bad!

In other news, the band is ready and practiced. We will be heading out on our pre-tour next week. More to come on that.

Keep warm and take good care of your pets in these cold temps.