Friday, November 22, 2013

The Postman Rings Once

I received a package in the mail today from my mother (who lives in CT). I think everyone knows I am a born Yankee, even though I live in South Carolina. I'm not going to give out my address. I have enough fans finding my house and managing to get past my gate and alarms. Not sure how they do it, but some are that determined.

Anyway, the package from mom. Mostly, she had been cleaning out the attic and came across some old stuff from when I was a kid. I want to share with you all a school assignment that was included in the package. No one really knows the story behind this except I think this is from kindergarten or first grade. Not really sure since there is no date on it. But I vaguely recall that we were asked to write a sentence or two describing our morning routine before we came to school that day. I don't think the teacher quite knew what to think of my assignment, if her note is any indication.

No wonder I only have 2 mirrors in my whole house (and the one in my bedroom only because it is part of an antique bureau that once belonged to my great grandmother). All I can tell you is that someone should have taught me how to spell the word mirror.