Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Song

I started a new song today. While the band is on hiatus from touring, we are in the studio working on the latest new tunes to suit all of our fans' rock and roll needs. I can't tell you too much about the new song, ya know lawsuits and all that. But I can tell you it's a nice mix between 80's style hard rock/metal with some great orchestration behind it. Sort of Aerosmith meets Trans Siberian Orchestra, if you want to describe it.

As many may know, we own 3 tour buses. What you might not know is why. Bruce hates traveling with huge crowds. About a year ago, I met this quite.... errr... most exuberant fan. I decided to bring her with me along to the next town, where she had planned to hop a train back home.

Turns out she was a bit more exuberant than even I had anticipated. She danced about the lounges, blasted music at all levels. But the breaking point was when she climbed into Bruce's bunk with him as he was asleep. She violated his "personal space," not to mention his devotion to his wife!

After that, Bruce made it pretty clear he would have no more fans travel with us on the bus. We required our "beauty sleep." Bruce's words, not mine. Oh fresh hell. It had not been the first time I, or Stephan, had brought fans along on the road. (Shit, Stephan once brought a pretty little thing on an entire USA tour!)  However, after that, Bruce made the decision we would have 3 buses. And no one but the band is allowed on the band's, at least not while it's moving. haha. And of course family, friends and close personal people. Our caravan is getting larger each year!