Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I spent most of today at Bruce's home studio, working on the latest songs for the next tour. I wanted to take my horse, Camelot, for a ride (allowing my other horse to tag along behind, otherwise he gets pretty upset being stuck in the stable alone), but it has been raining all day. So, they were stuck in the barn together.

Tomorrow morning I am flying up to CT to visit parents for the holiday. Bad day for travel! The entire eastern seaboard of the country is being hammered by heavy rain and high winds. By the time I leave in the early morning, CT will be getting the brunt of this crap, that has for the most part, has moved away from us. So, goody goody I get to experience it all over again.

While I am gone, my housemaid, Edna, will hold down the fort and keep my dog and cats company (yeah, cuz that's new...I'm on tour 8 or 9 months out of the year. I think my animals know her better than they know me!)  As usual, Edna's family will stay with her in the mansion while I am gone and I left the fridge stocked for them to have a nice Thanksgiving feast. Hey, no one ever claimed I wasn't a nice guy! Ok, maybe there are plenty of girls out there who might say that, but I'm good to my paid help. Ha Ha

So, how am I doing on this blog internet thing? I told you, I am really techno stupid for someone my age. The rest of the band, and pretty much everyone who works for us, always ask me "What's wrong with you, Dane? Didn't you go to school?" Shit yeah I went to school.. and to Julliard! Why am I not more techno savvy? Just never got into it, even though I work around it all the time. Our stage set up is almost entirely run by computers. I let the techno geeks (no offense to those guys, they're great) handle it all.

The extent of my tech experience ends at a cell phone and a laptop computer I have only started to use.

Well, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving all.