Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Connecticut, Thanksgiving and Aerosmith, Oh My!

Hi again. Ok, so this blog stuff is a bit more addicting than I thought it might be when Cameron suggested I give it a try to help "connect" with my fans. Ha Ha. I don't even know if anyone reads it.

I'm in CT at my parent's house. They're asleep now. Mom gets up early to start cooking for Thanksgiving.  It's too early for me.

It's scary that my mother still has my bedroom in tact, even though I have not lived here in almost 10 years. I guess that's mothers for you. So I get to sleep in a twin bed with a hard mattress and the flower sheets my mother always insisted would "brighten my room" when I insisted on painting the walls red. I think I was like 14 then. Such a rebel.

On the flight up here, I closed my eyes and listened to everything from Bach to Aerosmith on my headset. I have to remind myself to have a talk with Mr. Tyler the next time I see him. We met a couple of years ago in California when the band was touring there and I told him that, even though it was long before my birth, there was something about the song "Kings and Queens" that spoke to me. I am sure he thought I was crazy. But, seriously, every time I hear that song... the lyrics... I get this dropping feeling in my gut. I'm not sure if it's a bad feeling or not. I can't explain it. It's almost like a deja vu. Like I heard the song before, but not as me. I know, makes no sense.

This happens every time I hear the lyrics, particularly this small passage:

Oh I know I lived this life before. Somehow, I know now, Truths I must be sure. Tossin' turnin', nightmares burning...Dreams of swords in hand..."
Every time I hear it, I get an ominous feeling I can't explain (I'm a singer, Jim, not a writer!")  Ok, a little Star Trek flashback there.

Anyway, the band would like to do our own rendition of this song one day and see how it goes. That's a little secret I am sharing with you, especially when it has not happened yet. We need to get all the right permissions and everything first. We would keep the heavy rock aspect, yet add our own orchestral harmony.