Monday, November 25, 2013

New Car

I am very excited tonight. I bought a new car. Or rather I ordered it. No dealers here in South Carolina, so I contacted a Ferrari dealer in Greenwich, CT. Since I will be heading up to CT to visit my parents for Thanksgiving anyway, I can sign the papers and finalize the deal. This is the car I ordered (ok, not the exact car, but the same model.. a 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta).

I think I will retire my current car, a 1985 Ferrari Testerossa. It's all restored and in excellent condition, and has served me well through the last six years I have owned it. Back then, the band was doing well but not enough to justify a quarter million on a car. Wanting a Ferrari, I found a good deal on an older Testerossa. Hey, Tom Selleck drove one in Magnum PI (I know, before my time really, but I catch the show whenever I am home. I also love the dogs).

So, Wednesday I will be flying up to CT to stay with my parents in Stafford (I grew up as a regular sight at the Speedway). During my stay, I will head to Greenwich to make arrangements to have my new car delivered to my home in South Carolina.