Thursday, November 21, 2013

Growing Up and Other Things

Ok, I just want to say that this is all new to me. I've never done this blog thing (what does that mean anyway? What a funny word... blog!)  Anyhoo, anyone who knows me knows that I have a hard time understanding all the techno-jumbo. And, though I am famous, most people don't really know me!

Hence, I decided to try this blog thing out. A band member taught me how to set this up and add posts. This is a way to connect with fans of my rock band and give them some insight into my personal life. I'm not a hugely private person, but also, I would rather fans hear any news straight from me rather than believing all the hocus pocus in those crazy tabloids. Only my housemaid (her word, not mine) believes all that crud (I will try to keep my language rated PG-13. If I said whatever I wanted on here, I might get shut down.

In any event, here I am. Welcome to my blog.