Thursday, January 1, 2015

No News Yet: Bruce Tomkin

Search crews have all but given up, though we have managed to convince them to keep looking, the investigation into Dane's disappearance is ongoing, but growing cold as more area is searched and there is no sign of him. Search dogs have picked up no trail outside of the estate. It's been a week now and we are all worried beyond words. The media is saying that he skipped town, running from something or is planning to fake his own death. I know this is not true! Dane loves his life too much. He loves his fame, his money, his house and animals, his fans, women...!!

I have known Dane for ten years. We met in 2004 when he was a new graduate of Juilliard. I was in a band and residing in New York at the time. He introduced himself after one of our shows and we hit it off musically, I knew I had to form a band with this talented singer/musician. The band I was in at the time was going nowhere and our music was stale. I had already been planning a break from them, as I had hooked up with 2 musicians from South Carolina.

That year, Dane and I traveled south to meet with Stephan and Adrian, who had been friends for several years. It was musically meant to be. We all had the same vision, for the most part. And, with Dane's Juilliard connections, we began a band using hard rock and some metal riffs, but with symphonic orchestrations.

Dane is one of the best singers I have had the pleasure to know. His rich voice and vocal range and intonation are perfect for the music we play, and being a history buff, knowing his way around a sword, Dane threw the biggest influence into the band, writing songs about Medieval lands, coming up with a vast array of costumes and elaborate stage routines. We were different, and word reached out quickly.  By 2007 we had our first album on the shelves, we were touring regularly, and pulling in larger and larger crowds. It all seems like a whirl now. I've been so busy with the band and my wife and a baby on the way, I have not had time to relax and forgot how fast time goes by, especially as I get older.

This past week has been hell. No one can even ponder a guess as to where Dane has disappeared to, and though this has hit us all very hard, Stephan seems to be taking it the hardest. Though Dane and I are best friends, Stephan and Dane have a connection in their shared interests, sense of humor, contests over bedding women, and pranks. I think that is why Stephan has not yet written in this blog. He says nothing, but I know him. His fear, worry and sadness show in his eyes and he never smiles anymore. So, now I must worry about him as well?

To stay busy, Adrian and I have been putting the finishing touches on some of our newest songs, minus vocals of course. I have added some of the bass as we can't get Stephan back to the studio or to play at all. He keeps stating that if Dane is gone for good, Dark Myst is no more. He says "Dane IS Dark Myst" and in many ways he is correct. As mentioned earlier, Dane is the backbone that our sound and success rests on.

Hope all of our fans are having a great New Year. Though Dane would hate me saying this on his blog, I am going to say it anyway; Please pray to God for his safe return. Bless you all and have a Happy New Year.

Stephan is taking this the hardest of us all!