Monday, March 3, 2014

Tour Starting Soon and More....

Today is... what.... Uhhhh Monday by the east coast clock! hahaha. Wow... we start the new tour in a week or so... I can't believe how fast that time went by. Jessica has taken good care of me, in case you were concerned. We will be starting the tour very well rehearsed and relaxed. My head is fine, no scar shows...we have acquired a new tour bus to replace the one that was in the crash. Too bad since that one was brand new!

Today, no rehearsal, so to find something to do I tried my hand at searching the web. I found some great bands to listen to... and some fantastic up and comers. I know, that news is boring.

Right at the moment, I am listening to some 80's metal (ie Black Sabbath) and drinking wine... 3 bottles down, 5 to go. hahaha

I sat at the piano and started a new song today... no info yet on that except that it will not be out for the next album. So, you'll have to wait for that one.

Jessica is asleep, which makes this big house seem all that much larger. Edna has fone home for the day. Sometimes I walk through the halls of this big Gothic Revival with its maze of halls and rooms everywhere, and wonder what life really is all about... after several bottles I get a bit deep. And then I start to wonder why, besides being able to, I would buy such a huge house when I live alone. Well, I lived alone when I moved here. Now Jessica lives with me, and Edna and her family stay here when I am away on tour. I assume Jess will stay here too. Unless she decides to come on tour with us, which I prefer she didn't.

Usually, she has work to do and can't.

So, what is on your mind tonight? I love to hear your thoughts.

Don't you just love fans?