Saturday, March 8, 2014

Male Sluts and Rock and Roll

I had a day off today and so I decided to sit and read in front of the fireplace in the library. Usually, I read history books. I like reading about various eras, particularly knights of the 17th century, kings and how they lived. King Ludwig was an interesting fellow to read about, if you ever wish.

Tonight, however, I had a taste for something different. I went to the bookstore and bought a rock biography. Should I say who's it is?  (hint... KISS me)

In any event, Jessica chastised me when I arrived home. "You play rock and roll for a living and now you want to read about it?" She was half kidding of course, I think. At least she smiled, shook her head and walked out of the kitchen, where Edna was making dinner. Shrimp Creole... One of my favorites besides tuna sandwiches.

I disappeared into the library. I don't know what Jess was doing, and really I didn't much care. She's a pretty amazing woman, but she can be a bit....naggy, if that's a word, at times. I mean, I know, ok she was joking... but I really think she was partially serious. What does she give a shit what I read?? Would she rather I came home with "The Whore's Guide to Getting Laid?" hahahahaha

Maybe she thinks reading about 1970's-1980's rock stars' lives will draw me into that drug-induced-fuck-anything world (well, I am kind in the latter stage, but I don't tell her).  But, I was born in 1984, so I sort of consider that "my era." Like someone born in the 60's thinks "Yeah, I was born in the 60's so I'm a hippie"  LOL  (Stephan taught me that... LOL... laughing out loud... what if I am laughing to myself, is it then LTM?)

Anyway, this biography was a pretty simple read so I got through most of it in a few hours' time. I'm a fast reader. At one point, he talks about sex and girls in the 80's... how the band members would have orgies together with several ladies. I can honestly say I have NOT done that. The last thing my boner wants is to see Stephan naked! That would kill it. I mention him only because, as I have mentioned previously, we don't know what Cameron is really... never see him with anyone, not woman nor man... nor cow! After all these years we stopped asking. Music is it for him. Apparently that's what gets him off, and if he has sex with anyone, it's when we are not on tour, that's for sure. Maybe he's gay and doesn't want us to know for fear we'll dump him? Like we care! This is the 21st century for crying out loud!

 Back to the biography. Apparently, women weren't the only thing shared by rock stars back then, but sexual diseases too. This was before the days of AIDS and other nasties, like super bugs and all the crap we worry about today.

Let me tell you something right now... I will NOT fuck anything that comes to me (as was stated a certain rocker back then did... I am sure many did.. seems the 70's and 80's was the "fuck-me" generation). I do have a bit of dignity. I also have a type. Like Jess for example. Brunette, big busted, thin waist, fairly tall (hey, I'm 6 feet, I don't want a shrimp). Also... wear a condom! Damn!! I guess back then men didn't feel it was necessary, or didn't like it. I always do! Ok... most of the time!!! I admit, I have indulged on a whim when I had nothing on me (which is rare). But those are few and far between. To my knowledge, I have no kids out there. And I certainly have no STDs. Yes, I've been checked. I am clean ladies... very clean! *evil laugh*  C'mon down!

Someone please find this gorgeous amazing woman and send her my way!