Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dazed and Confused

Wow! What happened? I saw the Mirror lady again last night, late. Not sure what time. That always fucks with my brain, so I decided to go out. I drove to Atlanta (yeah, Georgia) and went bar-hopping. This is highly unlike me. I almost always get recognized and end up signing autographs and talking to a bunch of fans rather than just relaxing alone or picking up women anonymously.

And here, I drive my freaking Ferrari out to Atlanta of all places! I ended up at some fancy joint called Halo.

I actually had quite the time. As I sat there, sipping away at a Slippery Nipple, I saw a table with these two pretty ladies staring at me, so I went over. I bought them drinks and sat to chat. After a couple hours, I asked if they wanted to get out of there and they agreed.

I couldn't fit both of them in my car!  I wasn't about to bring them home... too far, and Jess was home. So, I followed them to one of their homes.

Have you ever had wild sex with two women at once? Not my first time, but damn these GA Peaches had talents. They could get into positions I didn't think possible... apparently, they're both dancers...exotic dancers.

Ok... try doing one as the other gets into this wild gymnastic-like position above her friend, so her... not sure I can use the word here.... is in your face! And after, they switched. They put to shame almost all the other women I've been with! They performed moves I didn't think possible. I believe these two read the Kama Sutra... and memorized it!! Add in plenty of booze and weed=perfect night.

Turns out, they did know who I am, but didn't want to make me uncomfortable by mentioning it. I thank them for that! Crazy night. Not sure if they invited me to stay or not, but I fell asleep (or passed out) in the bed and woke to find them on either side of me... Ahhh flesh to flesh! And more fun once we were all awake. Insatiable women are the best! Then, they made me breakfast as well!

Sex, wild sex, and even more sex, plus breakfast. It gets no better than this my friends.

Let's just say Jess was not happy when I arrived home at noon in the same clothes I left in.... I think she suspects. She knew I didn't have band practice last night, so I told her I went to Stephan's for the night. He'll back me up!

I recommend a night like that to all males out there!! It'll cure whatever may ail you. Made me forget all about the Mirror Lady! Bliss, to be able to forget my crazy delusions for a night instead of letting them drag me down as they generally do.