Friday, March 7, 2014

Successful rehearsal.

With the tour starting soon, we have been rehearsing a lot. Each day, I drive out to Bruce's studio on the coast, returning home exhausted but satisfied. For our fans, I think you're going to be extra pleased with the new tour and album. I have hired a new sword instructor and choreographer to teach me to integrate my sword routines into the music and the stage show. There will now be a platform atop one of our dragons onstage and from there I will sing several tunes.

I don't want to give away too much, but will allow a few hints here and there.

Jessica is still here, still living with me. This is my first long term relationship, so in my opinion, it's going well. Touring will be our test. She will not be there for the next tour. Am I a bad person for thinking "Freedom??"

Seriously, she has been so good to me. But, I m still a fee spirit and I did not ask her to move in, she just kind of did! When I was sic, she moved in and took care of me. I guess I owe her there.

Nothing more to discuss today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be more interesting. I have the day free, so who knows what will happen.