Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's Frakkin' HOT! Hurricane Arthur?

I admit I am somewhat of a geek, in the sense that I like biology, not so much techno stuff. But I do watch this funky little show called the Big Bang Theory even when I am on the road. It's kind of a goof, even though, with a high IQ myself I have my own opinions of this theory (I don't believe it). Why do I mention this? Because I wrote "frakkin'" in my title for this blog and I got that from the show. LOL Next time I am in CA, I should visit the show set and see if they need a rock star for one of their shows... maybe a geeky one? What say you?

With that in mind.... Jess did it again... took a picture of me sleeping. Gawd!!

I'm enjoying this Moscato I have at my side right now. I tend to drink entire bottles at once. Why waste glasses? Edna has enough to clean up! She would laugh if she knew I was actually thinking about her work load, as I pay her one hell of a damn good wage. She takes care of my cats and dog too! Not my horses though. I have experienced Mexican stable hands for that! I am picky about their care. I am no idiot when it comes to horse care... So they do as I say! My older horse horse has health issues, and even when I am on the road, I call in and be sure to all is well and everyone is following my instructions.

So, South Carolina is frakkin' hot right now! The Dew Point is really high, which makes for very sticky air. So, speaking of the horses, I've been keeping them in during the hot days with fans on them, and out on pasture at night. Am I a good horse dad or what?

So, I have been watching the track of this hurricane... looks like it will miss SC completely. That's good. No need for anything to delay this tour!!