Friday, July 4, 2014

Hurricane Arthur and Touring

 I am the only member of the band who lives inland, as I prefer country to the bustle of the shoreline. I am also the only one who didn't feel too much of the brunt of this new hurricane, Arthur. We did get some pretty nasty rain and wind and thunder and lightning. But nothing like what they experienced on the coast. Because of that, we decided to cancel the recording and rehearsal sessions we had planned earlier to get ready to go back out on tour.

Yesterday was a bit crazy. A lady fan found my home... this happens once in awhile. The gate was open and so she made her way in. I wasn't doing anything special, actually I had just gotten up and was in my bathrobe, so I invited her in. I'm not used to this girlfriend stuff.... Jessica came home and accused me later of cheating... this time I really wasn't! What is it with women anyway?

Speaking of which, I think I need to take my girlfriend's cell phone away.....