Friday, June 27, 2014

European Tour Coming Up

The band is getting ready now for our upcoming European tour. I cannot wait to see England again, as I feel as if I have some sort of freakish connection to that country. I can't even imagine why, as I have never been there before our first tour overseas back in 2007. Yet, whenever I go there, I know every town and how far the next town is, though I don't always know the streets.

So, we are starting the tour in England and ending it there before coming back home.

It's been rather nice to be home for these few weeks we've had off (well, not really "off" as musicians never stop working).

On a personal note, I went out to my favorite book and music store to get some more reading material. Edna and Jess always bug me about buying an e-reader or some such gadget, but I really do prefer the old fashioned way of opening a real book and reading it. The smell of paper, the feel of the book's weight and texture in my hands.... I know, I am truly old fashioned.

Most of the books I read are history books, particularly about... you guessed it... England.

I am happy to have Jess back home from her modeling job in Europe (she is very big over there as a model of lingerie)... But she loves to snap photos with her cell phone when I least expect and am least ready. Last night, I was sitting in the day room after a show, munching Chinese food, watching a movie in the buff (good thing I had a sheet over me)... I didn't even know she took this photo! Sneaky isn't she?