Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Baby is Born!

This is Bruce Tomkin again. Last night, my wife Caitlyn went into labor. We were here, at Dane's mansion, which is far from her OB-GYN, but not too far from Augusta. At 2:46am January 6th, 2015, she gave birth to a baby boy. 7 lb 8 oz. He has dark hair and blue eyes. We decided to name him Dane, after our missing friend.

There is still no news on Dane. I am afraid to even think what could have happened, as the trail grows colder by each passing day! Caitlyn and I are going to be heading home tomorrow, but we have many friends who will be keeping tabs on everything going on and any news that might arise.

It's hard, my son is born and I am proud. At the same time we are all worried about our friend. Right now I choose to focus on my son, Dane Vincent Tomkin.

We will keep in touch.
Thank you all.