Sunday, January 4, 2015

Is this a clue?

Good evening. This is Bruce Tomkin again. I have some news, or should I say a revelation, about Dane. It's nothing I can tell police or investigators. It's simply my own mind trying to grasp something solid.

In any event, my wife Caitlyn and I have been staying here, at Dane's mansion, along with Edna, helping to care for the estate and all the animals. Why someone who travels so much has so many animals is beyond me, but that is Dane for you--always the caring soul. God forgive me for saying this, but Dane, despite his over-exaggerated need for female companionship, beyond the hard exterior, has a soft spot for the critters.

As for my findings, if you can call it that--I was looking at the mirror in Dane's bedroom. After seeing this girl he always stated was mere delusion, for myself, I cannot help but wonder. I am not generally a man who thinks beyond reality (well, Dane will say my belief in God is far beyond reality), but is there some connection here to his disappearance??  What, I can't imagine, but he said he has been seeing this woman his whole life. She makes him feel things! Not sure what he means by that. I saw her, I felt nothing. But my rational mind can't make sense of it all. Yet, I know there is something there! Some clue I am missing. I will keep investigating that which the police say is nonsense.

Keep up the prayers. We will get Dane back, one way or another!

-Bruce Tomkin, January 2015