Friday, June 20, 2014

Beyond Every Mirror I See Her

It's hot here in South Carolina.  Not that that's unique.  Right now it's almost 3am, a steamy night,  and I'm not home.  I finally figured out how to do this blog thing on my phone.

Anyway I think I screwed up. I am truly deficient when it comes to matters of the heart. There was a party tonight and of course I went to it. Jess is still in Europe. Needless to say there was a plethora of women.  The last one just left, so I'm feeling quite satisfied. I'm in the guest bedroom. I'd usually let the young lady or ladies spend the night (love all those naked warm bodies), but I decided to sleep alone tonight. ... out of respect for Jessica.  She's the only lady I fall asleep and wake up with. What difference does it make what happened in between? She's the one who lives in my house and shares my bed at home... a privilege many many women would kill for.

I got up to hit the head and when I came back I saw another reflection on the mirror on the other side of the room.  God damn it all! I threw on the first thing I found...a pair of cotton lounge pants and a t shirt. I guess I'll sleep in this tonight.  What if she returns?  There are several mirrors in this room and even if it is dark and I am asleep I feel her. I dream of her. I know she's there. Though I am accustomed to her presence,  it can at times be disturbing.  I'm not even home. What is this? Is she beyond every mirror in the world?

Sorry, I'm all tied up right now....