Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tour deFrance and Walk Through Aiken

The band is getting ready to leave soon, on tour to Europe.  I have to say I prefer to tour the USA because we take the tour buses and don't have to fly. Though I should be used to it, I am just really not a fan of flying. I have done a lot of it in my life and career, but still get some jitters every time I have to get on a plane... especially since 911.  Flying within the US is not too bad and generally shorter flights. But, flying to Europe is always a long trip. We start our tour in France this year... Jessica will not be accompanying us as she has another modeling gig. Why does it always seem she has gigs in the US when we are touring elsewhere? Oh well, C'est laVie.

Speaking of Jessica, we took a long walk today in Hopeland Garden. So pretty this time of year, despite the heat and humidity.  It is east of Hitchcock Woods, where we often take the horses. We live north of the Woods. But, today was just a day for us to enjoy together before we must separate yet again.

Yet another image from a fan... of Jess and I.... This is not a new image, we were saying good bye at the airport in Augusta. I think this was taken a year or so ago.